That glass of milk..

Like every kid, I have also played my share of ‘bad girl’ and, turned my face away at the sight of food. But my mother giggles at how she used to ditch me into finishing the bowl till the last grain and morsel. Stories like that of a jackal whose mouth watered at the sight of hot bajji (fries) in the crow’s beak, and who managed to trick the crow into dropping it straight into his mouth perhaps jinxed me into opening my mouth, chewing the food and swallowing it down just the way my mother wanted.

Decades later, I can’t expect my son to be this meek. Can I? He also enjoys making me run after him with the bowl of porridge or a piece of roti, and I do that dutifully to make him feel privileged. Can he be lulled into finishing his meal by means of some kiddish tricks? Here I can say, I am as lucky as my mother. Only this time he demands more state-of-the-art tactics. Here’s one that almost always works.

The Challenge: The mother’s call to finish the glass of milk is always followed by the kid’s tantrums. So in order to make my Tyke finish his glass of milk, I would muster all my acting skills to come to my rescue.

Objects required: A plastic jar of sugar/salt/ or anything just as much heavy for your kid to lift it with a little effort. It shouldn’t be very light too. For example, don’t hand him an empty jar. He would instantly know your plan and might also even get offended. Yes.


Step 1: Tell him that his glass of milk would make him so strong that he can lift anything he wants to.

For every child, his father is the first hero (or Superhero). My husband deliberately flaunts his muscles in front of our son. He does his work-outs before him. And in turn, my Tyke imitates his father and tries to lift the dumbles. He derives a secret pleasure in telling his father that he is no less stronger than him.

So, it’s easy to make him nod to the question- “You want to be as strong as your Papa?” 

Step2: After that I would pretend to look for something very heavy, and spot our character, the sugar jar. I would try to lift it with all my might. But alas, I fail.

Step 3: “Mamma, forgot to drink her glass of milk. Perhaps, that is why she has not grown strong today.”

On that, Master Tyke would jump forward to lift it. But that is not the part of our plan. Is it?

I would tell him hold on.

Step4: “The moment you finish your milk, you will be able to lift this very heavy jar. Your hands would get all the strength.”

“C’mom. Let’s see. Drink it. I’ll watch your hands and tell you if they are getting stronger. 1-2-3 GO”

That’s it. Master Tyke would start gulping down the milk and I would keep assuring him that I can see the white-coloured strength entering his hands, reaching his elbows, his palms, fingers and finally, his nails.

Result: Mission complete. The glass is empty and I can see the look of a wrestler entering the ring and beaming to his fans on my Tyke’s face.

When I allow him to lift the jar and he manages to do so, the look changes to that of Ramanand Sagar’s Sri Krishna lifting the Govardhan Parvat on his little finger.

This has worked wonders for me, till now. You can try it too.


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