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The ‘Pumpking’ Soup

King Sondumal was just like his name. Always sleepy and lazy. He had a huge kingdom but he didn’t try to make it rich, strong or happy. People came to him with their problems, but they were always sent back saying the king was resting.


King Sondumal’s kingdom was in a bad condition. People were poor and unhappy. But do you know who was the unhappiest person in the kingdom? It was the royal cook. He worked hard to grind the spices, cut the vegetables, cook them into rich curries, but the king never liked what he cooked. Everyone else loved what he cooked. But it was just the king who never even finished his meals.


“What a tasteless curry! You call yourself the royal cook? You don’t know how to make a simple potato curry. Take it away”, the king would shout and go back to bed.

The cook prepared the next meal with even more dedication. But it was impossible to please the king.

One day the cook had an idea. He went to the king and said, “My Lord, I want to treat you to the tastiest meal in the world.”

The king made a face. “ You cannot make a simple

“ You cannot make a simple daal and you talk about treating me to the tastiest meal?”

“Yes my lord, trust me. Pumpkin soup- it’s the tastiest meal in the world.”

“Would someone take this madman away? or should I throw him in the jail? Pumpkin soup is the most tasteless thing in the world. Do you understand?” yelled the king in frustration.

The cook was unafraid. He said, “What if I prove you wrong? I have a ‘pumpking’ growing in my garden.”

“A pumpking? What’s that??” asked the king.

“It’s a royal pumpkin and the tastiest breed of pumpkin. It’s so royal that when anyone who is not a king touches it, it rots immediately. So all I want from you is to go to my garden and bring that ‘pumpking’. I will make you a soup so yummy that you would want it every day. If I fail, you can put me in the jail.”

The king was surprised at his confidence. And he was curious about this ‘pumpking’ growing in his garden. So he agreed.

He called for his chariot.

“My lord, you cannot take a horse or a charioteer with you. They are not kings. The king has to go alone to the garden and pick the pumpking”, said the cook.

So the king walked towards the cook’s home. He found that the cook lives uphill. He started climbing the hill on foot. In just 15 minutes he was sweating and panting heavily. And the cook’s home was still far.



The king kept walking and walking for 2 more hours and reached the cook’s home at the top of the hill. He found the ‘pumpking’ in his garden.  It was huge. He picked it and carried it back to his palace.

The ‘pumpking’ was too heavy and the road was too long. The king walked for another 2.5 hours before he reached his palace.

He was fuming.

“Now if you don’t make a good meal out of this, I am going to kill you,” said the king.

The cook went inside and quickly made the ‘pumpking’ soup- bland and tasteless.

He served it in the royal bowl to the king who was very tired and hungry.

As soon as he saw the soup, he gulped it down.


“I can’t believe this! This is definitely tastier than anything I have tasted till now,” declared the king.

And then he asked for two more bowls of ‘pumpking’ soup.

The cook was happy. Back in the kitchen, the cook’s helpers tasted the soup.

“There’s no salt! It tastes horrible,” said the helpers.

“I told you, it’s a royal pumpkin. Only the kings will find it tasty”, said the cook smiling to himself.


But kids, you are smart. You know the truth, right? The king worked hard for the first time. He walked for hours carrying the pumpkin on his shoulders, got tired and hungry. So he found even the saltless pumpkin soup tasty. Those who work hard, enjoy their meals the most.


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The Magic Wand

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Why Longie and Stripes stay together?

Ever wondered why the herds of giraffes and zebras stay together?

 Ok, did you know that they always stay together?

If you know, great!

If you didn’t, you now do. That’s great too!

Now let me tell you why it is so.

Let’s begin the story.

Once upon a storytime, in the Savanna grasslands of Africa, there were many zebras and giraffes. They had a lot to eat, fresh creeks to drink water from and a very pleasant climate to roam about. But like every other plant-eating animal, they had a problem.

Every second day, one among them was attacked and dragged away by the lions and leopards.


“What to do? We are so helpless?” said a zebra.

“Why has God made us so weak?” said another.

“The cheetahs can run fast. The lions are clever attackers. What a pity! We neither have  strength nor brains,” cried another.

There was a crow sitting on a tree nearby and listening to them.

“I am surprised. I heard exactly the same conversation yesterday. But it was between some other animals,” said the crow.

“Who can be as helpless as us?” said one of the zebras.        

“They are called giraffes. Why don’t you zebras and giraffes sit together and discuss your problem? There might be a solution,” advised the crow.

The zebras liked the idea.

A young and wise zebra called Stripes set out to meet the giraffes. He was surprised to see the long-necked beasts. He had never seen such tall animals in the entire grassland!

When he met the giraffes, he was offered delicious grass-cutlets, grass soup and a lot of other snacks.
“It seems you were expecting me, already! Did you know, I am coming to meet you?” asked the pleasantly surprised Stripes.

“O yes. We saw you coming towards us when you were a few kilometers away,” said the head of the giraffe herd, Longie.

“What? How is that possible?” exclaimed Stripes.

“Our long necks help us to see things from far away. We can right now see the elephants gathered near the river for a bath at the other end of the clearing,” said Longie smiling.

“Oh! That’s wonderful. You have a boon! You can even see dangerous flesh-eaters approaching you from really far away. That gives you enough time to run. Am I right?” asked the amazed zebra.

“Yes. That’s the only defense we have. One of us is always on the watch. But we still are attacked by the leopards and cheetahs at night,” said Longie.

The zebra got an idea! A great solution to the problem zebras were facing as well as the giraffes.

“We zebras have really powerful night vision. Almost as powerful as owls’. We can keep a watch for you at night. But would you mind if we zebras stay near your herd so that your long necks can help us too? We can run when we would see you run. And when thousands of zebras run together, the flow of black and white stripes creates a very confusing image. This would puzzle our enemies for a while.”

“That makes a deal!” the giraffes jumped with joy.

From that day, the giraffes and zebras stay close together. They graze together, drink water together and stroll together in the grasslands.

The giraffes would keep a watch on the attackers with the help of their long necks and tall body. If they spot danger, they would alert the zebras and all of them would run out of the reach of their enemies.

While the zebras with their sharp night vision would guard the place at night.

“We aren’t as helpless as we thought. God has given all of us our strengths. And our strength is in being together,” said Longie and Stripes.

Danger, danger, danger

Lurking behind that bush

Staring with two shiny eyes,

Ready to jump with a swoosh


Scared, scared are you?

Trembling head to feet,

He is strong but just one

And you seem to have a fleet!

Just blow a whistle,

Or wink and wave

Call up your friends

Stop trembling and be brave!



You’ll see he’ll disappear,

The way he came

That is how unity,

Puts danger to shame. 

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The beautiful word called ‘Thanks’ (Age 5 and above)

Ruby was tired. She had a long day at school. The maths teacher took a surprise test today. Mrs Thomas, her English teacher wanted students to read the first page of the newspaper and jot down words that they thought were difficult and look them up in the dictionary. Ruby was surprised there can be so many difficult words in a single page! Do these newspaper makers want that only kids’ fathers can read them?

After all that she had to go to her Abacus class. More maths!

As she walked towards her home dreaming of the afternoon snack that must be waiting for her, she saw a little girl looking into a mud pit crying. She looked really miserable. Ruby went to her. But before she could ask what the matter was, she saw a puppy whimpering inside the pit. It was trying really hard to come out of the pit.

The clouds were gradually turning from white to dark blue to black-ish blue. It was about to rain!

If it rains, the pit is going to fill with water and the puppy…!

Ruby thought about her mom scolding her if she would get into this messy muddy mould. Her school uniform would be spoiled.

I’ll say sorry to Ma! How can I let this poor little thing die?

Ruby slightly lowered herself into the pit and pulled the puppy out easily.

The frightened creature vigorously licked her and curled itself into her arms. The girl threw herself on Ruby and hugged her tight.

“Thank you, so much Didi! You are an angel.”

She was all smiles.

While walking towards home again, Ruby felt an unusual pleasure. She was glad she could save a life and bring smile on someone’s face.

What a beautiful word it is – ‘thanks’. Hey, it is not a difficult word, but it seems I have learned the meaning just now!

On her way, she met the sweeper, who was there in the morning when she was leaving for school. Ruby saw he was continuously sweeping the road even if the very next moment it got soiled. He looked tired and disheartened.

Ruby went upto him and said, ‘Sweeper uncle, you keep the roads clean for us. It must be too much labor for you, isn’t it? I just wanted to say, Thank You.”

The sweeper was clearly elated. And said, ‘Thank you dear. Atleast you realize and acknowledge our labor. God bless you.’

Ruby was over the moon now. All her tiredness vanished. She thanked the grocer, the shopkeeper and the tailor on her way and made their day.

As she reached home, she saw her favorite Pineapple custard waiting for her on the table. It was heavenly delicious!

She went to her mom, gave her a tight hug and whispered, ‘Thank you mom for being my mom’ in her ears. She had never done that before, so she found doing that a bit embarrassing. Her cheeks turned light crimson. Mom was pleasantly surprised too. She kissed her and whispered back, ‘Thank you for being my little princess.’

Indeed, what a beautiful word it is – ‘Thank You

Through my window enters

The sun in a streak,

And brightens my world

That might have turned bleak!


And talk about the moon,

In its soft pearly glow

In those boring sleepless nights

He’s best companion I know


Oh, how lucky I am

and so are you,

Let’s make God’s day,

With that beautiful word- ‘Thank You’


Thank your mamma,

Though you can never thank enough

Thank your daddy,

For being strong and tough


Thank your teachers

For each day’s lesson

For those stern eyes,

And the hidden compassion


Thank your life

For the days fun and sad,

Celebrate every moment

That’s not that bad.


Oh, how lucky I am

and so are you,

Let’s make God’s day,

With that beautiful word- ‘Thank You’

Thank You all for listening to TheStoryTellingMom. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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