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Rowly is an artist

It’s a Sunday. Rowly, the raccoon is watching his favorite show that plays for an hour every Sunday morning. The Art for All show with Pablo, the Porcupine. Rowly wants to be an artist. It’s the only thing he wishes for after double-decker cream sandwiches and the all new Bayblade stadium.

Pablo is drawing an anaconda. Rowly is impressed as always.



But watching Pablo draw makes Rowly sad.

Just then his dad enters the living room and sits beside him.

“What’s the matter, Rowly? You don’t look happy watching your favorite show!” asks dad.

“Dad, look at Pablo! He draws so well. Just see the way he draws those curved lines to make an anaconda. It looks so real,” said Rowly.

“Oh yeah! But why would that make you sad?”

Rowly sighs.

“Dad, I will never be able to be an artist like him. I can draw, but am I good at filling in colors? Probably no.”

“I can make a smiling anaconda face, but can I draw a slithering green body? Probably no.”

Rowly becomes sadder and sadder talking about it.

Dad thinks for a while and says,

“You are right, Rowly. You can never be a good artist.”

“Wh..dad!! You can’t say so. You’re supposed to make me feel better,” complains Rowly who is shocked at dad’s answer.

“But didn’t you say that yourself? How can I be sure about you, if you are not sure about yourself?” Dad shrugs.

Rowly blinks.

“Remember, no one’s going to believe you, if you don’t believe in yourself. You want to be an artist, say aloud- I am an artist”, says dad with wide eyes.

Rowly says meekly- “I am an artist.”

“That won’t work. Louder.”

“I am an artist.”

“Louder, Rowly.”


“That’s better. Now start drawing.”

Rowly is feeling better already. He is confident.


He is the only one in his class, who knows what he wants to be when he grows up.

Sansa, the sheep, keeps changing her future plans. Last month, she wanted to be a doctor, but now suddenly, she wants to be a firefighter.

Ronny, the rhino, is clueless. He doesn’t know what he wants to do.

But Rowly, had always wanted to be among colors. He loves to draw, paint and even do craft.

Rowly finishes his anaconda drawing.

“Not bad! This looks like a real anaconda. He’s scarier than Pablo’s,” Rowly is excited.

Rowly starts making a new drawing every day. Mountains, markets and meadows; elephants, astronauts and eels.

Finally, one Sunday, instead of watching the Art for All show, Rowly hosts an exhibition of his paintings for his friends.

Everyone comes, sees and is so impressed.

Rowly’s exhibition becomes a hit.

Pansy, the parrot, asks, “Rowly, how do you manage to draw so well?”

“Because I am an artist,” says Rowly with confidence.




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The Problem with Nicknames

When Nonu was born, his parents named him Nonu.

Nonu liked his name, because he smiled whenever someone called him by that name.

When momma asked – “who’s my brave lil’ boy?”

He cried- “NONU!”

When dadda asked- “Who will have the biggest chunk of cake?”

He exclaimed- “NONU!”

Nonu was enjoying his days with momma, dadda, granny and granpa.


Everyone was looking for him all day.

“Where’s lil Nonu?”

“What will Nonu like for snack time?”

One day, when Nonu was running after a bright yellow butterfly, who looked so much like Granny in her bright yellow saree, he heard momma calling out to him.

“Nonu, rise and shine. It’s your first day at school.”

Nonu rubbed his eyes, and found him in his bed beside Tim, his teddy.

Momma said again, “Nonu, it’s your first day at school? It’s going to be amazing!”

Nonu wasn’t sure. It just doesn’t sound good, ‘school’!

Momma dressed him in his favorite Popeye tee and grey shorts with three big pockets.

Granpa put one candy in each of the pockets. And Granny planted a sweet kiss on his cheek.

Dadda started the car and off they went.

In a few minutes, momma said goodbye to Nonu and before he could say anything, she hurried off.

Nonu’s lips quivered.


What’s happening? Where’s he? And who are these people. Some looked like his momma, but smiled his granny. They all seemed to love him.

Suddenly, one of the women smiled at him and said, “Neil, would you like to come with me to the garden? We have some really beautiful red flowers.”

Nonu was even more confused.

Was she talking to me? Who’s Neil?

Nonu quickly looked away. He looked all around for his mother. He would burst into cries when he’ll see her, he thought. But she’s not here.

Then he heard it again.

“Neil, come join us for snacks.”

This time it was somebody else. Nonu didn’t know what to do.

But then he saw what the woman was pointing at. Cakes!

Nonu never says no to cakes. So he joined in. But with the last bite of cake, he started missing momma again.

“Neil, momma will be back soon. Let’s play on the swings till then,” said the woman again.

Now, Nonu got angry. This school thingy is not working for him.

They can’t even get my name right.

 Nonu had just reached the slide, when momma called him out.

“Having fun, Neil?”

Nonu was surprised. How is it even…?

 On the way back, momma told Nonu that Neil is his real name.






“What’s Nonu, then?”

“Hmm, that’s your pet name, son.”

“But, I don’t have a pet!

“I mean, that’s your nickname.”

“Now who’s Nick?”


“Urrgh… anyways did you like your school?”

“Not at all. I am not going to that place from tomorrow.

I want to stay with granny.”


“Don’t call me that!”



………And the argument went on.


What’s your petname….I mean, nickname…err..

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If the world is boring….

If the world is boring,

And nothing’s worth exploring,

Create something new,

In stories you can stew.


Of fairies and dolls,                                                                                                  

Giants and trolls,

And everything in world,

That walks and crawls.


You don’t have an idea,

What fun it has,

In making up things like,

A hundred plaited lass.


I know some stories,

Infact they are many,

Come listen to me,

And stop bothering your granny!


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