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Awed Eyes

Oooh that’s lovely!

Aha, how nice!

Mamma, this thing called world

Is a treat to my eyes!


Why do you look at me?

Why do you stare?

While I cannot take my eyes off

All that glitz and glare


Don’t you find them amazing?

Better than me?

Mamma, look at those colors,

Oh! Is it only me you see?

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The beautiful word called ‘Thanks’ (Age 5 and above)

Ruby was tired. She had a long day at school. The maths teacher took a surprise test today. Mrs Thomas, her English teacher wanted students to read the first page of the newspaper and jot down words that they thought were difficult and look them up in the dictionary. Ruby was surprised there can be so many difficult words in a single page! Do these newspaper makers want that only kids’ fathers can read them?

After all that she had to go to her Abacus class. More maths!

As she walked towards her home dreaming of the afternoon snack that must be waiting for her, she saw a little girl looking into a mud pit crying. She looked really miserable. Ruby went to her. But before she could ask what the matter was, she saw a puppy whimpering inside the pit. It was trying really hard to come out of the pit.

The clouds were gradually turning from white to dark blue to black-ish blue. It was about to rain!

If it rains, the pit is going to fill with water and the puppy…!

Ruby thought about her mom scolding her if she would get into this messy muddy mould. Her school uniform would be spoiled.

I’ll say sorry to Ma! How can I let this poor little thing die?

Ruby slightly lowered herself into the pit and pulled the puppy out easily.

The frightened creature vigorously licked her and curled itself into her arms. The girl threw herself on Ruby and hugged her tight.

“Thank you, so much Didi! You are an angel.”

She was all smiles.

While walking towards home again, Ruby felt an unusual pleasure. She was glad she could save a life and bring smile on someone’s face.

What a beautiful word it is – ‘thanks’. Hey, it is not a difficult word, but it seems I have learned the meaning just now!

On her way, she met the sweeper, who was there in the morning when she was leaving for school. Ruby saw he was continuously sweeping the road even if the very next moment it got soiled. He looked tired and disheartened.

Ruby went upto him and said, ‘Sweeper uncle, you keep the roads clean for us. It must be too much labor for you, isn’t it? I just wanted to say, Thank You.”

The sweeper was clearly elated. And said, ‘Thank you dear. Atleast you realize and acknowledge our labor. God bless you.’

Ruby was over the moon now. All her tiredness vanished. She thanked the grocer, the shopkeeper and the tailor on her way and made their day.

As she reached home, she saw her favorite Pineapple custard waiting for her on the table. It was heavenly delicious!

She went to her mom, gave her a tight hug and whispered, ‘Thank you mom for being my mom’ in her ears. She had never done that before, so she found doing that a bit embarrassing. Her cheeks turned light crimson. Mom was pleasantly surprised too. She kissed her and whispered back, ‘Thank you for being my little princess.’

Indeed, what a beautiful word it is – ‘Thank You

Through my window enters

The sun in a streak,

And brightens my world

That might have turned bleak!


And talk about the moon,

In its soft pearly glow

In those boring sleepless nights

He’s best companion I know


Oh, how lucky I am

and so are you,

Let’s make God’s day,

With that beautiful word- ‘Thank You’


Thank your mamma,

Though you can never thank enough

Thank your daddy,

For being strong and tough


Thank your teachers

For each day’s lesson

For those stern eyes,

And the hidden compassion


Thank your life

For the days fun and sad,

Celebrate every moment

That’s not that bad.


Oh, how lucky I am

and so are you,

Let’s make God’s day,

With that beautiful word- ‘Thank You’

Thank You all for listening to TheStoryTellingMom. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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My Adorable Gift Age (3 and above)

“Mamma, how much do you love me?”

“As much as there is water in the ocean, as much as there are stars in the sky, as much as there is air around us.”

“I love you mamma!”

Mishti loves her mamma very much. And she keeps on asking her mamma how much she loves her back. And everytime her mamma gives a unique reply.

But Mishti would not settle for anything she considers countable or measurable. Like day before yesterday, when Mishti asked the same question, mamma answered, “As much as there are letters in your encyclopaedia.”

“Oh no, Mamma. That is too less. You don’t love me as much as you used to”

And she made a face as if she was about to cry.

It was raining heavily and rain was pounding on the window pane. Mamma quickly changed her answer.

“I love you as much as there are drops in the rain.”

Mishti thought for a second and broke into a smile.

One day, mamma was suddenly taken to the hospital in the middle of the night and Mishti had to spend the night with granny. She cried and cried until she slept.

Mamma didn’t come back even the next day. Everybody kept saying, “Your mamma will come soon with an adorable gift for you. You just wait.”

The day after that, Mishti woke up to the sound of the doorbell and she instantly knew it was her mamma.

When the door was opened, it was certainly her mamma smiling at her. But what’s that in her hands.

My adorable gift. Mishti thought.

When Mamma sat down on the couch, Mishti saw what exactly was brought for her as the gift.

It was a small, really sweet, really adorable, baby boy!

“Mamma you brought him for me?”

“Yes my love. You like him?”

“Hmm. I might like him if he plays with me.”

Everyone laughed.

But the little boy kept sleeping all day. The only other thing it did was, cuddle into mamma’s lap.

Mishti didn’t like that!

Why does mamma love him so much?

Mishti became sad. She sat in the corner and watched mamma play with him.

“Come to me Mishti darling. See how your brother blinks. Isn’t he cute?” said mamma.

“No. He’s not cute. And I can also blink like him. Why do you kiss him, hug him and make him sleep in your lap? Put him down. I’ll sleep on your lap.”

“Mishti, you are a big girl, sweety. Your brother is a small baby. Be my good little princess and come to me. We’ll all sleep together.”

“No. You put him down. Now.”

When mamma didn’t, Mishti’s eyes welled up and she ran out of the room, crying.

Mamma kept calling her. Daddy also called her into his lap. But Mishti lay on her belly on the couch and kept sobbing until she fell asleep.

When she woke up, she found herself in the comfortable, cushion-like lap of her dear mamma.

She asked in her sleepy voice. “Mamma how much do you love me?”

Mamma said, “As much as there are tears in your eyes.”

Mishti wanted to say something but fell asleep again.

She woke up to a very unfamiliar sound. She looked around and saw her brother crying from his cradle.

Mamma was nowhere to be seen. She went to the cradle and looked inside.

Seeing her, the baby stopped crying and started kicking and waving his hands.

Mishti rattled his toy for him. And he burst into a beautiful laughter.

Baby Boy Lying Clip Art

Oh, he is cute, really. Granny says he looks like Daddy. I don’t think so. He looks so like me.  He is my adorable gift.

Thereafter Mishti started loving her brother as much as she loved her mamma.

As much as chocolates are yummy

Or the fun in tickling the tummy,

As much as the sand on the beach

Or the stars you wish to reach


Love is not a glass of milk

That you can just gulp down

Love is not your pocket-money

You can spend and frown


I know you hate to share

Your ice-creams and French fries,

But remember, love is something

That if shared, multiplies.



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Nanu- The fussy-eating kid (Age 2 to 6)

Nanu was a fussy eater. He loved noodles, but when mamma cooks his favourite noodles with veggies, he would push the bowl away. Cutlets made his mouth water. But mamma is so adamant to make him eat those greens that she cleverly includes some finely chopped beans and spinach in the mix. Nanu would eat gladly unless he spots the green lurking in the cutlet. 

One afternoon, Nanu was playing with his favourite round-about train set. Mamma tried to put him to sleep but he was not at all sleepy. He wanted to make the train run few more rounds. Finally, mamma dozed off.

Few minutes later, Nanu’s stomach gurgled. Was he hungry? But he just had his lunch. Oh no. He had been a bad boy yet again. He had refused to eat the porridge mamma made for him. There were beans, coriander and spinach in it. So he had stomped, screamed and kept his mouth closed tightly so as to not eat the vegetable porridge. Mamma got tired and gave up. And now she is asleep.

What to do now? The tummy is making odd noises.

Nanu knew his uncle had brought a packet of chips for him.

I will eat those chips now. Mom would not let me eat them if she wakes up.

So he stealthily went towards the kitchen. But he stopped short near the kitchen door.

What’s that sound? Who’s talking inside the kitchen?

Nanu peeped inside carefully. To his surprise, all the veggies in the kitchen were busy talking.

There were beans, carrots, a bundle of fresh spinach, cabbage, bottle-guard and potatoes chit-chatting.

Beans introduced itself first.

Green Bean Cartoon Clip Art

They call me beans

Long and lean

Chop me fine,

Wash me clean

Cook me well

If you are keen

to eat something tasty,

                                              healthy and green.

Then came Spinach.

If you think I am just

A boring bundle of leaves?

Then set yourself right

I got something up my sleeves.

I am spinach,

The king of greens

I come packed with

Whole lot of proteins.

The carrots stepped forward.

We are beautiful

Colored red or orange,

And we certainly are not,

Only a rabbit’s forage.

Carrots make you glow,

Plump and bright,

 And keep off the toothache

That bothers every night

After this melodious introduction session, the veggies turned serious and a bit gloomy.

“I want to make Nanu healthy and strong. I have so many good nutrients in me. And I am so tasty when cooked well. But Nanu doesn’t even taste me. His mamma cooks me so well in porridge and rice, noodles and cutlets. But he just refuses to eat me. How will he grow big and strong?” said the worried beans.

It was spinach’s turn to speak.

“I share the same woe, dear beans. Nanu is such a lovely boy. He has bright, big eyes. But if he keeps pushing his plate of spinach like this, he will have to wear those ugly specs like his grandparents. Specs make kids look so ugly.”

Nanu was listening to the veggie talk with rapt attention when the carrots started their point.

“Kids who eat us get good glowing cheeks. We help them fight diseases like flu. Like spinach, we also help the kids get good powerful eyes. Not only that, we also keep their teeth healthy, white and strong. Hmph. If only Nanu could understand all that. His cheeks will very soon start looking ugly and dull. His teeth will also turn yellow. I wish he learns to eat us before that happens.”

“Oh, mamma used to say all that to me, but I never believed her. So all that is true?”, thought Nanu. 

And then, there was another voice. This time it was a giggle.

“Hee Hee. You veggies are fools. How can you think Nanu will eat you? You don’t taste as good as me, do you? I am crunchy and yummy. Kids love me over you all. Neither do I make their skin glow, nor I help them fight diseases. Still they stomp and scream to make their parents buy me from the shops. And I make their tummy so full that they refuse to eat you all at meal-time. Ha!”

Nanu was surprised and annoyed to see his favourite pack of chips talking like that.

“Hmm.. I need to teach him a lesson.”, decided the furious Nanu. 

Actually, Nanu had learnt a lesson.

He went inside the kitchen and just when the packet of chips was expecting him to pick it up, he picked the unfinished bowl of porridge with carrot, beans and spinach and started eating.

To his surprise, the porridge tasted delicious. The veggies were juicy. As he was eating, he heard a loud cheer from the kitchen. He knew who all were celebrating.

When mamma woke up, she found the bowl of porridge licked clean beside Nanu who was sound asleep.

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The Story of Two Brothers

Once upon a time,
There were no days,
Nothing called time,
Nothing called dates.

No Calendars, No Clocks,
No Roosters, Hens or Cocks
What a life it was then,
I think people used to have fun.

But then were born 2 brothers
With names so unique
They broke into fights
Everytime they tried to speak

They were the famous
Today and Tomorrow,
Who brought to the world
All the sorrow.

Suddenly people started
Worrying a bit too much,
Leaving good things like,
Afternoon naps and evening munch

And oh, these brothers,
Never liked each other,
And fought uselessly,
On who among the two is elder

Tomorrow makes people
Dream about the future
Alas, Tomorrow never comes
Coz, ditching is in its nature.

Today, however, to remind everyone,
Comes back everyday,
And says, that while the sun is shining
You should make hay

Sadly, people think,
Its brother is better,
They don’t know, however,
It’s not gold, just the glitter.

But, hey kids, you know better,
I know, you are wise,
And Today is valuable,
In a wise man’s eyes.

So don’t waste your time,
Making castles in air,
Coz your dream slips away
With every second you spare

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Butterflies in my Stomach


It was a Saturday morning. 4-year-old Mini woke up feeling happy. No school today! And mom will also be home all day! They can chat, go shopping and do some painting together which is the favorite pastime for both Mini and her mom.

She got down from the bed rubbing her eyes and went straight to the kitchen where mom was preparing breakfast.

“G’morning mummy”, said Mini cheerfully.

“Good Morning, my princess. You look fresh!”

“It’s a Saturday. What are we planning to do today, mummy?”

“Whatever you say, honey. We can paint, go for some shopping and bake some cupcakes together. What do you say?”

“Super! It’s going to be a great day!!” Mini was over the clouds.

“Amm.. but to start with, we have an important appointment today, Mini.”

Mini was puzzled.

“Appointment? With whom?”

“With the doctor. It’s your vaccination day, honey.”

Hearing this, all the excitement vanished from Mini’s face. She became pale instantly. She was scared of doctors and injections, like every other kid of her age.

But she was brave too. She never cried. She always wanted to be like her mom who she has never seen crying. So Mini just went to her room, got ready and sat with her mom in the car.

Suddenly, there was some strange feeling inside her stomach. As if something was moving inside!

“Ouch! My tummy hurts!” cried Mini.

“What happened, Mini? I hope you aren’t hungry. You didn’t finish your milkshake,” asked the worried mother.

Mini said nothing.

At the doctor’s clinic, the thing inside her stomach moved faster.

“Mom, there’s something in here. I can feel.. feel.. something fluttering its wings inside my stomach,” Mini fought hard not to cry.

Mom knew what it must be. She said, “I know what it is. Does it feel like..like having.. ‘butterflies in the stomach’?”

Mini was surprised! How does mom know?

“Yes mummy, they are all over my stomach!!”


Mom smiled and to Mini’s surprise, she started singing!

When you are nervous

About giving a test

Or scared to visit

A doctor you detest

They flutter their wings

Like a garden in springs

You say, O God, mummy

There are butterflies in my tummy

“I think we should go inside and end this suspense at once,” said mummy mischievously.

Mini squealed.

“Nooo mummy. I don’t want to go. I don’t want injections. They hurt!”

“But the doctor is not going to give you any injections. In fact, he’ll give you few drops of medicine to drink.”

“Really mom!!”

Whoa! The butterflies cannot be felt anymore! They are gone!

On their way back from the doctor’s clinic, Mini was very happy.

“Mummy, now I am certain, the day’s going to be great! I love Saturdays!”

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As stiff as blocks, as soft as clay (Age 4 and above)

Of all the presents he got on his 4th birthday, Eenu loved the building set his grandfather had brought for him. He could make whatever he wanted using those colourful blocks. Red, yellow, blue, green.. they were different in colours, shapes and sizes.


Now Eenu could create the toys he wanted to play with. He would no longer ask his father to buy a helicopter for him. He can make one easily!

He would not ask his mom to buy a red car. He can build one with much more colours. It was exciting!

Eenu was very happy. He would come back from school and busy himself with the blocks. Mom was happy too. She would not run after him to make him have his lunch. While playing with the blocks, Eenu would finish the bowl of cereal without much fuss.

One day, Eenu saw a teddy bear in one of the toy shops. At first, he wanted to ask his mom to buy the teddy for him. But then he thought, ‘I would make the teddy myself with my blocks’.

Eenu ran back home. Kept his bag in the shelf and pulled out his box of colourful blocks. He tried making the teddy. He could make his head, his hands and legs. But alas, the teddy wasn’t as good as it should be. Infact, it didn’t look like a teddy. It looked like a robot, instead. Then, Eenu realized what exactly was missing- the fluffy tummy of the teddy! What is a teddy without a bulky, big, soft tummy? Eenu was disappointed. ‘Mom, I can’t make a teddy with my blocks. There’s no way I can get a soft, plump tummy using these blocks. That’s bad!’

Mom kissed Eenu on his cheek and said encouragingly, ‘Eenu, the blocks you have are stiff and hard. They cannot be bent or made into soft, fluffy objects. I have something for you that will help you make a soft fluffy teddy.’

Eenu brightened up. ‘What is it mom?’

Mom brought out a box. Upon opening, Eenu saw something like a dough of atta that mom uses to make rotis.

‘What is it mom? Is it atta?’

‘No dear, that’s clay for you. Use the clay to make whatever you want. You can make teddy, helicopter, car, doll, Superman, animals and a lot of other stuff. There’s almost nothing that cannot be made using clay.’ Eenu jumped with joy.


‘How wonderful mom! Blocks were good, but clay is just wonderful!’

Mom explained, “Children should be like blocks. Stiff and strong. You should never bend under the influence of bad things of the world.

“Children should try to be like clay too. Adjust in whatever situation you are put into. You may have all the good things in life like a comfortable fluffy bed, air-conditioned rooms, delicious food, a car to make you reach school in time, expensive toys.. But you should never shrink your noses when you visit someone who doesn’t have all such comforts. God tests every brave kid. You should adjust to the place and situation like clay.”

Good Kiddies are…

as stiff as a block

or an unmovable rock

sticking to their decision

with will and precision

Good kiddies are ….

as soft as a clay mound

or water from the nearby pond

bad days or tough times

they are found all smiles

“Now let me see what can you make using this mound of clay?” Mom said and went into the kitchen.

When she came back, she saw a beautiful clay mom sitting on the table.


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