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My Mom’s a Sleepyhead

This is Sam.

He loves to read magical stories.

He loves to play boardgames.

He loves to watch cartoon shows on television.

And he loves to do it all with his mom.

But there’s a problem.

Sam’s mom is always sleepy.

When he wakes up in the morning, she is no mood to watch the squirrels play in the patio or the birds twitter happily. Sam counts her yawns. 20, sometimes 25 times in an hour! Who does that!!

When she is back from work, she enters yawning. Again, not in a mood to play a game of chess or Scotland Yard with him. She is irritated and shouts at Sam.

“Sam, for God’s sake! Just look at your room. There’s no place to sit. Everything is so messed up. You are 7! Old enough to clean your room.”


She cleans the room herself as she shouts at him and yawns. Cleaning, shouting and yawning all together. Then she cooks a quick meal and asks Sam to finish it fast.

“Mom shall we watch television while having our dinner?” asks Sam hopefully.

Mom shoots one angry look at Sam and he knows her answer.

“Finish your meal and go to bed”, said mom.

At night, Sam wants to listen to a story.

“Mom pleaaaaseee,” says Sam.

“Okay. But just one story,” mom agrees. Sam is overjoyed.

“Once upon a time, there was a king and a queen. They had a beautiful daughter. One day, an ugly ogre took the princess and started eating his salad. Suddenly… the clock struck 12 and beauty gobbled up grandma. Then she ran leaving her glass shoe behind…..the donkey and the cat started to race … zzzzzz…zzzzz….

Sam could not believe that!!


“Mom! Mom! Wake up! Urgggggh”, Sam was very upset. He swears he will never talk to his sleepyhead mom again.

Today, Sam is in a bad mood. He cannot focus on what’s going on in the class. Sam’s teacher notices that he is upset for some reason. She calls him in the staff room and asks what happened.

“My mom’s a sleepyhead. She’s sleepy in the morning. She’s sleepy in the evening. She doesn’t read or play with me. All she wants is to sleep. I will never talk to her again,” says Sam.

“Sam, you are a good boy. You should try to understand your mom’s problem before getting mad at her. Do you know how hard it is for her to do everything at the office, at home, for you and for the rest of the family?”

Sam blinks.

“Have you seen a mobile phone? What happens when you play your favorite mobile game, watch a funny video, read about dinosaurs and talk to your grandma without charging it?

“It just switches itself off?” says Sam with a shrug.

That’s because the phone’s battery has no power left for more work. It’s the same with humans. We all have our energy bundles. And if we don’t get enough rest, we’ll be tired always. It’s the same with your mother. Maybe she is overworked.”

Sam realizes that it’s true. Mom works at the office. She comes back home and there’s more work waiting for her.

“If you want to spend time with her, you need to make sure that she has enough energy left for you,” teacher smiled.

Sam understands. He is ashamed to have behaved like a child. How could he not see that mom is tired?

In the evening, when mom comes back home, she is so surprised to see the room spic and span. Sam has done his homework too.

“Mom, let me help you with the dishes. Together, we’ll finish everything fast,” says Sam with a smile so sweet that her mom’s stress vanished instantly.

Sam is now able to save his mom’s energy for better things like bedtime reading, board games, cooking etc.


And life is happy again.

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The bag of stories

A day without a story, is a day wasted.

That’s what Aarshi believed. She has been listening to stories since her birth. Yes, even when she couldn’t talk or understand. She would watch her mom talk, and while talking mom would raise her brows, move her hands, nod, smile, lower her voice to a whisper and suddenly go loud. Aarshi loved that so much. She could watch her do that for hours.

story telling

Every night Aarshi would listen to a story and she would not know the point when she would doze off. The story would then continue in her dreams.

On a clear moon night, her mother told her a story of a boy who wished to gift his granny  something really precious, unique and rare. He didn’t know what that could be. He spent hours thinking about an ideal gift. When he could not sleep at night, he went to his terrace and stared at the stars. Suddenly, a huge butterfly came flying and perched on the roof…..

Aarshi started snoring. Mom kissed her goodnight and switched off the lights.


In her dreams, Aarshi was the boy standing on his terrace gazing at the stars. The butterfly asked why he is not happy. The boy told the butterfly he wished to gift his granny the most magnificent thing in the world. But what could that be? The butterfly asked, “do you like the stars?” The boy said, “They are beautiful. I wish I could string them together and gift my granny a sparkling, twinkling necklace of stars.” And so it happened, the huge butterfly took the boy to the stars and he had the perfect gift for his granny.stars

“Take me back home” said the boy. “Right away” said the butterfly and they flew straight down towards his terrace. Suddenly, an evil witch came out of nowhere and cursed the butterfly for helping the boy steal the stars.


The butterfly became tiny, like any other butterfly. And down came Aarshi falling…falling….

There was thud. And mom came running to Aarshi’s room.

Aarshi gave a sheepish grin.

Such was Aarshi’s love for stories.

But all good things come to an end, right?

One night, as usual, Aarshi said, “mom, tell me a story?”

But pat came a reply, “No story today, Aarshi. Mamma’s bag of stories is empty.”

“Bag of stories? I never knew you took stories out of a …a bag?”

“Yes, I always did. Every storyteller has a bag of stories. And it is said, if you take out a story, you need to replace it with another story. Otherwise, the bag would soon be empty. But, I kept taking out stories from the bag. You never helped me replace it with another. So now, there are no more stories in the bag”, mom shrugged.


“But…but.. mom, how could I have helped?”

“When I tell you a story, you tell me another. I’ll put it into the bag. This way our bag would never be empty.”

“But I don’t know any?”

“I am sorry. Can’t help. You’ll have to sleep without a story now.” Mom left the room.

Aarshi never thought this day would come!

She would have to think of new stories to refill the bag.

Aarshi took out her diary. A beautiful golden diary her mom had gifted on her 6th birthday. Now is the time to put it to use.

Aarshi started thinking and writing stories. And to her surprise, she couldn’t stop!

Writing A Letter

Writing stories was fun, even better than listening to them.

Within a week, Aarshi had written, 15 short stories. Of fairies and witches; of grannys and nannys; of unicorns, dragons and dianosaurs; of animals and mermaids.

One morning, as usual, a story came to her mind, and Aarshi rushed to get her diary.

But hey!

Where’s the diary?

“I kept it safely in my shelf last night. Where did it go?”

Aarshi looked for it everywhere. But it was of no use.

4 days passed. It was Aarshi’s birthday.

At the strike of 12, Aarshi wished herself “Happy Birthday” and went to sleep. But there was something under her pillow.

A book!


My bag of stories by Aarshi.

And then came a voice from behind. “Happy Birthday, my little storyteller.”

Mom was smiling.

“You are now a bag of stories. Never let the stories in you come to an end. Keep refilling the bag.”

Aarshi gave a tight hug to mom. It was her 8th birthday, but the storyteller in her was just born.


“You are now a bag of stories. Never let the stories in you come to an end. Keep refilling the bag”

Aarshi gave a tight hug to mom. It was her 8th birthday, but the storyteller in her was just born.

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