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The bag of stories

A day without a story, is a day wasted.

That’s what Aarshi believed. She has been listening to stories since her birth. Yes, even when she couldn’t talk or understand. She would watch her mom talk, and while talking mom would raise her brows, move her hands, nod, smile, lower her voice to a whisper and suddenly go loud. Aarshi loved that so much. She could watch her do that for hours.

story telling

Every night Aarshi would listen to a story and she would not know the point when she would doze off. The story would then continue in her dreams.

On a clear moon night, her mother told her a story of a boy who wished to gift his granny  something really precious, unique and rare. He didn’t know what that could be. He spent hours thinking about an ideal gift. When he could not sleep at night, he went to his terrace and stared at the stars. Suddenly, a huge butterfly came flying and perched on the roof…..

Aarshi started snoring. Mom kissed her goodnight and switched off the lights.


In her dreams, Aarshi was the boy standing on his terrace gazing at the stars. The butterfly asked why he is not happy. The boy told the butterfly he wished to gift his granny the most magnificent thing in the world. But what could that be? The butterfly asked, “do you like the stars?” The boy said, “They are beautiful. I wish I could string them together and gift my granny a sparkling, twinkling necklace of stars.” And so it happened, the huge butterfly took the boy to the stars and he had the perfect gift for his granny.stars

“Take me back home” said the boy. “Right away” said the butterfly and they flew straight down towards his terrace. Suddenly, an evil witch came out of nowhere and cursed the butterfly for helping the boy steal the stars.


The butterfly became tiny, like any other butterfly. And down came Aarshi falling…falling….

There was thud. And mom came running to Aarshi’s room.

Aarshi gave a sheepish grin.

Such was Aarshi’s love for stories.

But all good things come to an end, right?

One night, as usual, Aarshi said, “mom, tell me a story?”

But pat came a reply, “No story today, Aarshi. Mamma’s bag of stories is empty.”

“Bag of stories? I never knew you took stories out of a …a bag?”

“Yes, I always did. Every storyteller has a bag of stories. And it is said, if you take out a story, you need to replace it with another story. Otherwise, the bag would soon be empty. But, I kept taking out stories from the bag. You never helped me replace it with another. So now, there are no more stories in the bag”, mom shrugged.


“But…but.. mom, how could I have helped?”

“When I tell you a story, you tell me another. I’ll put it into the bag. This way our bag would never be empty.”

“But I don’t know any?”

“I am sorry. Can’t help. You’ll have to sleep without a story now.” Mom left the room.

Aarshi never thought this day would come!

She would have to think of new stories to refill the bag.

Aarshi took out her diary. A beautiful golden diary her mom had gifted on her 6th birthday. Now is the time to put it to use.

Aarshi started thinking and writing stories. And to her surprise, she couldn’t stop!

Writing A Letter

Writing stories was fun, even better than listening to them.

Within a week, Aarshi had written, 15 short stories. Of fairies and witches; of grannys and nannys; of unicorns, dragons and dianosaurs; of animals and mermaids.

One morning, as usual, a story came to her mind, and Aarshi rushed to get her diary.

But hey!

Where’s the diary?

“I kept it safely in my shelf last night. Where did it go?”

Aarshi looked for it everywhere. But it was of no use.

4 days passed. It was Aarshi’s birthday.

At the strike of 12, Aarshi wished herself “Happy Birthday” and went to sleep. But there was something under her pillow.

A book!


My bag of stories by Aarshi.

And then came a voice from behind. “Happy Birthday, my little storyteller.”

Mom was smiling.

“You are now a bag of stories. Never let the stories in you come to an end. Keep refilling the bag.”

Aarshi gave a tight hug to mom. It was her 8th birthday, but the storyteller in her was just born.


“You are now a bag of stories. Never let the stories in you come to an end. Keep refilling the bag”

Aarshi gave a tight hug to mom. It was her 8th birthday, but the storyteller in her was just born.

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Stora and the Sleepless Demon

This is Stora – the story-loving girl.

Cute little kid reading Halloween story book

Stora never sleeps without listening to 2 stories every night.

“Stora, it’s bedtime”

“No ma. Not yet. It’s storytime”

And mom would tell the stories of

 babies with long tails and a monkies with no tails.


“Okay, story finished. Now close your eyes and sleep. Bedtime.”

“No ma. Not yet. One more story please.”

And mom would tell the story of a fish who hated swimming and a bird who wished he didn’t have feathers.

                                                                                                                         Zzz…. Zzz….

The stories would put Stora to sleep. And she would dream of tail-less

 monkeys and tailed babies; flying fish and birds with fins.

And she would smile in her sleep.

Sometimes even giggle.


One day, Stora had gone too far playing hide and seek with friends. She never realized she had gone too far into the jungle.


It was as dark as her bathroom at night with lights off.

She held her hands in front of her. It was so dark that she could not even see her hands!

She kept walking until she could see a faint light at a distance.

Stora ran towards the light.

There she saw something that made her eyes go wide.



A huge, ugly, big-toothed demon!

Stora held her breath and turned to run away but…

“Stop there! Caught you.”

The demon giggled.

“Come here, girl. Come near. Let me have a look at you” said the demon.

Stora trembled from head to toe.

Stock Illustrations: Cartoon Illustration Of Kawaii Style Cute Little Surprised

“L-ll-l-let me go, please. I won’t tell anyone about you. Promise.”

“O come here, i said. Right away” ordered the demon.

He picked Stora up in her hands and brought her closer. Stora’s hair blew as if in a storm when he breathed out.

Ah, pretty girl. Vy you tremblin?’

Y-y-you are going to gobble me up, aint you?

Huh? Gobble you up? Hey what made you think so? Ah, is it because i am a demon? Hmm.. Don’t blame you. Demons do eat up humans. But you know what? I am a vegetarian. Yes.

Stora stared at him open-mouthed.

A monkey with no tail, an anti-swimming fish, a bird that doesn’t fly, and now a demon that doesn’t eat flesh!!  What has happen to the 


“But I have a problem. I can’t sleep. I have not slept for years, you know. The last time I slept was when I was …. In my mom’s lap.”


With that, the demon started crying, howling, wailing.

Stora could not see him howling. He got uglier and scarier while crying.

“So, you want me to help you sleep. Is that what you want?”

“Amm.. Not really. I am getting bored sitting alone all night. I want you to talk to me. That’s all.”

Stora thought for a minute.

I must help him. He just needs a friend. He’s not a bad demon

So, Stora like her mother, started telling stories to entertain him.

She told him the story of the elephant that entered the sugarcane field at midnight so that he could eat as much as he can and run away. He ate his heart’s fill and silently tip-toed out of the field. He had reached the corner of the field when, something rose up his stomach, to his throat, till his mouth and ….. Burrrrpp….

He spent the rest of his life working for the farmers.

The demon laughed and laughed. He had laughed for the first time in many years.

Then Stora told the story of a little boy who changed places with a kangaroo’s joey and spent the day jumping.

Then a whale who wished he could play hide-and-seek with small fish and never get caught. But……


The demon was fast asleep. Stora knew his friend won’t wake up for days now. He is sleeping after a looong time.

And look, the sun is up and she can easily see her way out of the jungle.

Stora kissed her friend goodbye and left for home happily.

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Why Longie and Stripes stay together?

Ever wondered why the herds of giraffes and zebras stay together?

 Ok, did you know that they always stay together?

If you know, great!

If you didn’t, you now do. That’s great too!

Now let me tell you why it is so.

Let’s begin the story.

Once upon a storytime, in the Savanna grasslands of Africa, there were many zebras and giraffes. They had a lot to eat, fresh creeks to drink water from and a very pleasant climate to roam about. But like every other plant-eating animal, they had a problem.

Every second day, one among them was attacked and dragged away by the lions and leopards.


“What to do? We are so helpless?” said a zebra.

“Why has God made us so weak?” said another.

“The cheetahs can run fast. The lions are clever attackers. What a pity! We neither have  strength nor brains,” cried another.

There was a crow sitting on a tree nearby and listening to them.

“I am surprised. I heard exactly the same conversation yesterday. But it was between some other animals,” said the crow.

“Who can be as helpless as us?” said one of the zebras.        

“They are called giraffes. Why don’t you zebras and giraffes sit together and discuss your problem? There might be a solution,” advised the crow.

The zebras liked the idea.

A young and wise zebra called Stripes set out to meet the giraffes. He was surprised to see the long-necked beasts. He had never seen such tall animals in the entire grassland!

When he met the giraffes, he was offered delicious grass-cutlets, grass soup and a lot of other snacks.
“It seems you were expecting me, already! Did you know, I am coming to meet you?” asked the pleasantly surprised Stripes.

“O yes. We saw you coming towards us when you were a few kilometers away,” said the head of the giraffe herd, Longie.

“What? How is that possible?” exclaimed Stripes.

“Our long necks help us to see things from far away. We can right now see the elephants gathered near the river for a bath at the other end of the clearing,” said Longie smiling.

“Oh! That’s wonderful. You have a boon! You can even see dangerous flesh-eaters approaching you from really far away. That gives you enough time to run. Am I right?” asked the amazed zebra.

“Yes. That’s the only defense we have. One of us is always on the watch. But we still are attacked by the leopards and cheetahs at night,” said Longie.

The zebra got an idea! A great solution to the problem zebras were facing as well as the giraffes.

“We zebras have really powerful night vision. Almost as powerful as owls’. We can keep a watch for you at night. But would you mind if we zebras stay near your herd so that your long necks can help us too? We can run when we would see you run. And when thousands of zebras run together, the flow of black and white stripes creates a very confusing image. This would puzzle our enemies for a while.”

“That makes a deal!” the giraffes jumped with joy.

From that day, the giraffes and zebras stay close together. They graze together, drink water together and stroll together in the grasslands.

The giraffes would keep a watch on the attackers with the help of their long necks and tall body. If they spot danger, they would alert the zebras and all of them would run out of the reach of their enemies.

While the zebras with their sharp night vision would guard the place at night.

“We aren’t as helpless as we thought. God has given all of us our strengths. And our strength is in being together,” said Longie and Stripes.

Danger, danger, danger

Lurking behind that bush

Staring with two shiny eyes,

Ready to jump with a swoosh


Scared, scared are you?

Trembling head to feet,

He is strong but just one

And you seem to have a fleet!

Just blow a whistle,

Or wink and wave

Call up your friends

Stop trembling and be brave!



You’ll see he’ll disappear,

The way he came

That is how unity,

Puts danger to shame. 

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The Tale of a Tail

Once upon a storytime, there lived two best friends. Both of them had many things in common.

One was as cute as the other, as naughty as the other and as clever as the other.

Both had two big eyes, one big smile, and a big appetite
for cakes and bananas.

But they were different in one thing. One had a long tail. The other did not.


Because one was a monkey and the other was a human baby.

They played together, ate together and slept together. When mom called they raced to home together. But the monkey always won. Because he could so easily jump from one tree to the other. He hung by his tail from the tree and swung to and fro. The baby watched. He was fascinated by the monkey’s tail.

monkey on tree

But the monkey wished he didn’t have this ugly, rope like thing sticking out of his bum. Kids teased him. As he slept, they pulled his tail and ran away. Once they tied some fireworks on his tail. That was the worst day of his life. Oh. What a horror!
One day, the baby said to the monkey.

“I wish I had a tail like you. I could swing from trees, hang upside down without falling. It would have been so much fun.”

“Huh! You want a tail. Oh. You have no idea, what a burden it is. I wish I could get rid of it, somehow.” The monkey whined.

“Hey, what are you saying? You don’t like your tail? It’s the most amazing part of your body!”

“Yeah right. Why don’t you spend a day with a tail sticking out of your bum? And I stay free?”

The monkey was kidding at that time. But after a while, they actually decided to swap the tail!

So now the monkey is tail-less. And the baby has a long tail.

tailless monkeytail wala baby

A day passed. Both of them had real fun. The baby played on trees and monkey slept without any disturbance.

After 3 days, they both met each other. But they were not happy!

“You were right. This is a terrible thing. I can’t sleep on my back. It hurts. It is so hard to manage it. As I walk, it knocks down ten things. Mom said if I don’t behave, she would roll my tail and make a bun the way she does with her hair.  And I am tired of playing on trees.” complained the baby.


“Actually, I think you were right. My tail is the most amazing part of my body. Without my tail, I am no longer a monkey. The other day I was hopping from tree to tree. And I slipped. If I had my tail, I could have hung to the tree. I fell and broke my crown. I miss it so much.”

So the two friends swapped the tail once again. And this time, both of them were very happy being what they are and having what they have.


It’s a tale of a tail,

That could never go stale

And you could tell it to generations

Of kids male or female

Tell that kid in nappy

Who doesn’t seem happy

Thinks that eight-legged spider

Is the one he wishes to copy

Or envies the giraffe with a long-neck 

Or the elephant overturning a truck

  Or the birds on the mango tree

   With all the rights to pluck

                                              But never prides the hands

                                               Or the legs on which he stands

                                                  And never thanks the almighty 

                                                  For the brain with which he plans

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The Ugly Rhino (age 2 to 5)

Renno, the rhinoceros was a new student in the class. 

So, he was sitting alone in a bright orange chair.

The new school was big. It had see-saws and slides. It had so many classrooms. And so many kids to make friends with. Renno was excited.

Just then he saw a rabbit sitting alone like him. He was a beautiful rabbit. He had milky white skin and long ears. He had a pink nose and big black eyes. Renno thought, he must be a new student like me. Let me go and ask him to be my friend.

Suddenly, Jeremy, the giraffe, entered the class. He was the class teacher.

“Attend to your roll calls, children” said he.

Then he called the children one by one by their names. Renno listened and memorized every student’s name.

There was Anna, the anteater , Buffy, the baboon  

Esho, the elephant   ….Katie, the kangaroo ,

Pancy, the porcupine   and Rusty the rabbit .


Renno was happy that he now knows the name of his soon-to-be-friend. After the class, Renno went to Rusty rabbit and gave him his hand.

“Hi Rusty, I am Renno. I saw that you are sitting alone. And how wonderful it is that our names start with the same letter, R! Let’s be friends”, said Renno with a big smile. But instead of giving a smile back, Rusty rabbit started laughing.

“Look at you! What an ugly thing you are! I have seen animals with horns but I have never seen a horn on the nose. Ha Ha. And what’s with your skin? It is hard as a rock! And so dark. Eew!” mocked Rusty.  

“I-I am a rhino. And rhinos are like this. They have a horn on their nose and have hard dark skin. What can I do?” Renno was holding back his tears. Mom has told that big rhino’s never cry.

“Humph, then go and be friends with ugly rhinos like you. I am happy sitting alone than sit with ugly creatures like you” Rusty was full of arrogance. 

Rusty had soft, white skin. He was proud of that.

Renno reached home and burst into tears. He fell on his bed and cried hard.

Mom came hurrying from the kitchen.

“Renno, what’s the matter. Wasn’t your first day at school good?” she was worried.

“No. I won’t go to this school again. Never. I will never go to any school. Why am I so ugly? Why do I have a hard, black skin (sob)? Why do I have a horn on the nose? The rabbits don’t have it. The mice, the porcupines, the elephants and anteaters don’t have it. Then why me?”

“Because that’s a gift from God to us, my love. We must thank him for whatever we have. God gives every creature the things he would need to live in this world. ”

“I hate this gift. It’s a useless gift.” Renno cried harder than ever.

Mom knew he would ultimately learn that the gifts from God are never useless.

Few days passed. Renno was going to school with his head drooping. And he was walking very slow. School was no more interesting after that day.

He saw Rusty walking ahead of him. Renno’s heart sank.

Just then, out of nowhere a leopard pounced on Rusty. Renno was taken aback.

As the leopard held tight the rabbit, his soft skin was pierced and blood oozed out. Renno got scared. In a minute the leopard would tear apart Rusty.

He came running towards the leopard and pushed the leopard back with his horn. The leopard winced in pain.

In rage, the leopard jumped on the rhino and tried to tear his skin.

Alas, the leopard’s nails broke and fell. He tried to bite him. But his teeth fell off too!

The leopard fled in agony.

Renno, then lifted the bleeding Rusty rabbit and took him to the doctor.

Rusty was alright in a few days. He had had his lesson. 

He apologised to Renno and said, “Renno, you are not ugly. You are blessed.”



A a nose with a horn,

Or a body with thorns,

The changing colours of the skin,

Or furs thick or thin.


Some with a shell,

Or with a great sense of smell

Some can even hip-hop,

For days without a single water drop.


Don’t crib, don’t fret,

You are as lucky as you can get.

God’s love for you is pure,

So you must know this for sure,


That life’s a pleasant surprise,

It’s a blessing in disguise.


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I am a big boy! (Age 2 to 5)

“Kittu, you must write with a pencil, not a pen. Learn to write with a pencil first. I’ll give you a nice pen when you will be a big boy.” Said mom as Kittu scribbled with a pen on his notepad.

This annoyed Kittu.

“But mom, I am a big boy already.”

“You are a growing boy. You are slowly getting big. But there’s still way to go” said mom lovingly.

Kittu had always wanted to be as big as his Papa.  He wanted to open the bolt of the door as easily as big people do. He wished he could ride a bike or a car like them. He wanted to work on a laptop, use a mobile phone and go to office like big, grown up people.

He hated when anyone called him a ‘small boy’. Mom used to call him ‘baby’, ‘chotu’ etc. but she now knows that Kittu doesn’t like being called that way. That’s why, she now calls him a ‘growing boy’.

Though Kittu always wanted to be big boy, he never did things himself. He never woke up to school by himself, never brushed his teeth himself and never ate his meals with his own hands. He always wanted his mother to do all these things for him.

One day, Kittu came home and found his mother in bed.

Mom never sleeps at this hour.

Kittu went to her to ask what the matter was. He touched his mother’s forehead.

Mom’s running high fever! Her forehead is as hot as a glass of hot milk!

Kittu didn’t want to wake her up. But he was hungry.

What to do now?

Kittu went to the kitchen and found rice and his favorite tomato curry in separate bowls. He picked them up one by one and kept them properly on the floor. He then spread a mat on the floor, picked up a spoon and started eating.

As he dropped few drops of curry on himself, he recalled that mom used to tie a handkerchief around his neck. He did the same and finished his meal.

He kept the bowls back in the kitchen, changed and snuggled beside his mom for a short afternoon nap.

In the afternoon, he told his friends that he would be staying at home to take care of his mom.

At night, dinner was served by father.

Every night, Kittu’s mother used to read out a story to him to put him to sleep. But today, he would have to sleep all by himself.

Kittu hugged his mom and fell asleep quickly.

Father woke Kittu up in the morning. He recalled that his mom is not well and found her sleeping next to him.

What if, I skip my school today?

But he suddenly remembered, ma’am is going to take us to the garden and show us how to plant a tree. I must go to school today!

So he got up, brushed his teeth all by himself. Father had made cheese omelette for him which he quickly gobbled up, dressed up, put on his shoes and got ready.

Father dropped him to school today.

He had a bright, beautiful day at school.

When he came back home, he found his mom sitting up and smiling.

“Mom, you’re okay? Has the fever gone?” Kittu screamed in delight.

“Yes my love. It is because of my big, wise boy that I got enough rest and I am well now. I saw you doing everything by yourself! Who taught you all that?”

Kittu blushed. He too, was pleased with himself. It was fun being a big boy.

I wish I could reach for the clouds

Or atleast that door latch

And be so big and tall

That only grown-ups can match


If you think we can be friends

Think twice, or thrice maybe,

Because I get cross at once

If you dare call me ‘baby’


Why don’t you let me,

touch that phone or that laptop?

I own a pack of Ben 10 cards,

Do you wish to swap?


I know you are bigger than me

But I am fast catching up,

Let me first gulp down that milk

In my favorite ‘big boy’ cup.


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New Year Resolutions (Age 5 and above)

Clipart Stressed School Boy Writing At His Desk - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by visekart

Suraj was struggling with a diary and a pen in his hands. It’s been 15 days since the start of the New Year and he still hasn’t jotted down his resolutions!

‘Avni says she has a list of 5 resolutions already! And Riona has 12 of them. One for each month! Prajwal is also boasting of his long list of resolutions in the class. I am the only one with none” muttered Suraj as his mother entered the room.


“So you are at it all over again? Hmm. Can I see or is it going to be a secret like the past years?” said mom.

“Mom, the year has long started and I still don’t have my list of resolutions. I will have to make a list of things I will do this year and I will make sure mine is the longest in the class.”

Mom smiled. Actually, it was something between a smile and a laugh.

“My dear son, do you remember resolutions you had last year? Would you like to share that with me?”

Suraj hesitated. After all, it was an unsaid rule. You must not disclose your resolutions to anyone, especially to your parents. And with friends too, it’s the number that matters. All that matters to Suraj right now, is to beat Prajwal’s number. 15 resolutions, already! Whoa!

But then if it’s about the past year, there’ no harm sharing that with mom.

“I had a list of 8 resolutions last year. I don’t remember all of them, but some of them were- to have a huge collection of batman stickers, to learn to fly kites, to catch Santa red-handed while he tries to slip my gift under the Christmas tree… hmm.. that’s all I can remember.

“Okay. Interesting, I must say. And how many of them were you able to accomplish by the end of the year?”

“Hmm.. I had collected around 6 stickers in the first month itself. I took them to school to show them to my friends.  And that day they got stolen!!”

“Oh. I am sorry. Then?” inquired mom.

“Then I kinda.. lost interest.” Said Suraj. He then hastily explained. “It wasn’t easy to start from scratch in this age of competition, you know. Everybody’s looking for them and my chances of getting my hands on them were very bleak. Trust me, mom.”

“O yes, dear. I do. So tell me about the year prior to that. What did you resolved to do then?”

“Oh, hasn’t it been too long? I don’t remember most of them. I guess, I wanted to have a makeover for my room, with a basket fitted on the wall for my basketball practice, and I wanted to write good stories everyday.”

“And no basketball net or a room makeover thing happened that year, or even two year hence.” Mom asked inquisitively.

“You know what mom. I just completely forgot talking to you or dad about the room renovation. That’s what too much of homework does to you.” Complained Suraj

“Yeah. I understand. But I am really curious to read your stories, honey. Won’t you let me read some of those?”

“Mom, I could write not more than two stories. But I don’t remember where kept the notepad.” Said Suraj trying to remember.

“Hmm. I see. So that means, none of the resolutions made so far were accomplished” said mom pensively.

Mom stood up and faced Suraj. Suraj knew immediately that mom’s going to take things in her hands now.

Woman talking with finger up(Image Courtesy:

Mom started, “Listen son. Taking resolutions is not a game you can play. It is not the newly bought PS3 game you can boast among your friends. Resolutions are the promises you make to yourself, in order to make yourself a better person.”

Suraj listened. He had known the definition of resolutions, but perhaps he had forgotten it.

Mom continued. “There are few ruled to resolutions. I am sure you would like to learn them first and share them with your friends. It’s a list too. So I guess, tomorrow you are going to take a list to school anyways.”

  • It was never about numbers- make resolutions that would help you be a better person in a span of 12 months. Learn new things, take up new hobbies, pleasantly surprise the people you love, acquire new skills… resolutions should be about these things and the like. Not about ‘how many’ you made and forgot the very next day!


  • Don’t be in a rush to take resolutions. Before making that ‘list’, take your time to think. You can have as less as just ‘one’ resolution that is interesting and worthwhile enough for you to carry on for the entire year. So never mind if it has been 15 days already. Think before you list down your promises to yourself.

  • Before making a new list, check if you have fulfilled the ones made the year that went by. If you haven’t, you should consider carrying the same down for another year.

  • One should never overpromise to oneself. Take small strides at a time. Make resolutions that are doable

  • Never compare yourself with others. You should feel the rivalry in the fact that your friend is able to carry on his resolution longer than you could. But you should never push yourself for something just because someone else does it.

  • Last but not the least, resolutions should also be about things you would ‘not’ do in an year. So, how about chucking out some bad habits this year?

Suraj was glad he shared his problem with mom. All this while, he had been getting it all wrong!

Little Boy Clip Art

So, the next day Suraj went to school with his own set of resolutions. Actually, a pair.

a)      To do: Learn something new every day. Special emphasis on – story writing and kite flying

b)      Not to do: Lose interest in things mid-way and leave things incomplete.

bye                 I promise to be nicer,

I promise to behave,

As I bid the year adieu

With a kiss and a wave.


I am sorry for some things I did

And for some things left undone

Like sticking bubblegums under the table

And ignoring homework weighing a ton.


I won’t spend my study time

Staring at the pages or snoring

And think that copying answers in exams

is the real act of sharing.


Dear New Year, welcome

Tell me, how do you do?

I have a list of resolutions

As a New Year gift for you.

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