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Rowly is an artist

It’s a Sunday. Rowly, the raccoon is watching his favorite show that plays for an hour every Sunday morning. The Art for All show with Pablo, the Porcupine. Rowly wants to be an artist. It’s the only thing he wishes for after double-decker cream sandwiches and the all new Bayblade stadium.

Pablo is drawing an anaconda. Rowly is impressed as always.



But watching Pablo draw makes Rowly sad.

Just then his dad enters the living room and sits beside him.

“What’s the matter, Rowly? You don’t look happy watching your favorite show!” asks dad.

“Dad, look at Pablo! He draws so well. Just see the way he draws those curved lines to make an anaconda. It looks so real,” said Rowly.

“Oh yeah! But why would that make you sad?”

Rowly sighs.

“Dad, I will never be able to be an artist like him. I can draw, but am I good at filling in colors? Probably no.”

“I can make a smiling anaconda face, but can I draw a slithering green body? Probably no.”

Rowly becomes sadder and sadder talking about it.

Dad thinks for a while and says,

“You are right, Rowly. You can never be a good artist.”

“!! You can’t say so. You’re supposed to make me feel better,” complains Rowly who is shocked at dad’s answer.

“But didn’t you say that yourself? How can I be sure about you, if you are not sure about yourself?” Dad shrugs.

Rowly blinks.

“Remember, no one’s going to believe you, if you don’t believe in yourself. You want to be an artist, say aloud- I am an artist”, says dad with wide eyes.

Rowly says meekly- “I am an artist.”

“That won’t work. Louder.”

“I am an artist.”

“Louder, Rowly.”


“That’s better. Now start drawing.”

Rowly is feeling better already. He is confident.


He is the only one in his class, who knows what he wants to be when he grows up.

Sansa, the sheep, keeps changing her future plans. Last month, she wanted to be a doctor, but now suddenly, she wants to be a firefighter.

Ronny, the rhino, is clueless. He doesn’t know what he wants to do.

But Rowly, had always wanted to be among colors. He loves to draw, paint and even do craft.

Rowly finishes his anaconda drawing.

“Not bad! This looks like a real anaconda. He’s scarier than Pablo’s,” Rowly is excited.

Rowly starts making a new drawing every day. Mountains, markets and meadows; elephants, astronauts and eels.

Finally, one Sunday, instead of watching the Art for All show, Rowly hosts an exhibition of his paintings for his friends.

Everyone comes, sees and is so impressed.

Rowly’s exhibition becomes a hit.

Pansy, the parrot, asks, “Rowly, how do you manage to draw so well?”

“Because I am an artist,” says Rowly with confidence.




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My Mom’s a Sleepyhead

This is Sam.

He loves to read magical stories.

He loves to play boardgames.

He loves to watch cartoon shows on television.

And he loves to do it all with his mom.

But there’s a problem.

Sam’s mom is always sleepy.

When he wakes up in the morning, she is no mood to watch the squirrels play in the patio or the birds twitter happily. Sam counts her yawns. 20, sometimes 25 times in an hour! Who does that!!

When she is back from work, she enters yawning. Again, not in a mood to play a game of chess or Scotland Yard with him. She is irritated and shouts at Sam.

“Sam, for God’s sake! Just look at your room. There’s no place to sit. Everything is so messed up. You are 7! Old enough to clean your room.”


She cleans the room herself as she shouts at him and yawns. Cleaning, shouting and yawning all together. Then she cooks a quick meal and asks Sam to finish it fast.

“Mom shall we watch television while having our dinner?” asks Sam hopefully.

Mom shoots one angry look at Sam and he knows her answer.

“Finish your meal and go to bed”, said mom.

At night, Sam wants to listen to a story.

“Mom pleaaaaseee,” says Sam.

“Okay. But just one story,” mom agrees. Sam is overjoyed.

“Once upon a time, there was a king and a queen. They had a beautiful daughter. One day, an ugly ogre took the princess and started eating his salad. Suddenly… the clock struck 12 and beauty gobbled up grandma. Then she ran leaving her glass shoe behind…..the donkey and the cat started to race … zzzzzz…zzzzz….

Sam could not believe that!!


“Mom! Mom! Wake up! Urgggggh”, Sam was very upset. He swears he will never talk to his sleepyhead mom again.

Today, Sam is in a bad mood. He cannot focus on what’s going on in the class. Sam’s teacher notices that he is upset for some reason. She calls him in the staff room and asks what happened.

“My mom’s a sleepyhead. She’s sleepy in the morning. She’s sleepy in the evening. She doesn’t read or play with me. All she wants is to sleep. I will never talk to her again,” says Sam.

“Sam, you are a good boy. You should try to understand your mom’s problem before getting mad at her. Do you know how hard it is for her to do everything at the office, at home, for you and for the rest of the family?”

Sam blinks.

“Have you seen a mobile phone? What happens when you play your favorite mobile game, watch a funny video, read about dinosaurs and talk to your grandma without charging it?

“It just switches itself off?” says Sam with a shrug.

That’s because the phone’s battery has no power left for more work. It’s the same with humans. We all have our energy bundles. And if we don’t get enough rest, we’ll be tired always. It’s the same with your mother. Maybe she is overworked.”

Sam realizes that it’s true. Mom works at the office. She comes back home and there’s more work waiting for her.

“If you want to spend time with her, you need to make sure that she has enough energy left for you,” teacher smiled.

Sam understands. He is ashamed to have behaved like a child. How could he not see that mom is tired?

In the evening, when mom comes back home, she is so surprised to see the room spic and span. Sam has done his homework too.

“Mom, let me help you with the dishes. Together, we’ll finish everything fast,” says Sam with a smile so sweet that her mom’s stress vanished instantly.

Sam is now able to save his mom’s energy for better things like bedtime reading, board games, cooking etc.


And life is happy again.

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Why Longie and Stripes stay together?

Ever wondered why the herds of giraffes and zebras stay together?

 Ok, did you know that they always stay together?

If you know, great!

If you didn’t, you now do. That’s great too!

Now let me tell you why it is so.

Let’s begin the story.

Once upon a storytime, in the Savanna grasslands of Africa, there were many zebras and giraffes. They had a lot to eat, fresh creeks to drink water from and a very pleasant climate to roam about. But like every other plant-eating animal, they had a problem.

Every second day, one among them was attacked and dragged away by the lions and leopards.


“What to do? We are so helpless?” said a zebra.

“Why has God made us so weak?” said another.

“The cheetahs can run fast. The lions are clever attackers. What a pity! We neither have  strength nor brains,” cried another.

There was a crow sitting on a tree nearby and listening to them.

“I am surprised. I heard exactly the same conversation yesterday. But it was between some other animals,” said the crow.

“Who can be as helpless as us?” said one of the zebras.        

“They are called giraffes. Why don’t you zebras and giraffes sit together and discuss your problem? There might be a solution,” advised the crow.

The zebras liked the idea.

A young and wise zebra called Stripes set out to meet the giraffes. He was surprised to see the long-necked beasts. He had never seen such tall animals in the entire grassland!

When he met the giraffes, he was offered delicious grass-cutlets, grass soup and a lot of other snacks.
“It seems you were expecting me, already! Did you know, I am coming to meet you?” asked the pleasantly surprised Stripes.

“O yes. We saw you coming towards us when you were a few kilometers away,” said the head of the giraffe herd, Longie.

“What? How is that possible?” exclaimed Stripes.

“Our long necks help us to see things from far away. We can right now see the elephants gathered near the river for a bath at the other end of the clearing,” said Longie smiling.

“Oh! That’s wonderful. You have a boon! You can even see dangerous flesh-eaters approaching you from really far away. That gives you enough time to run. Am I right?” asked the amazed zebra.

“Yes. That’s the only defense we have. One of us is always on the watch. But we still are attacked by the leopards and cheetahs at night,” said Longie.

The zebra got an idea! A great solution to the problem zebras were facing as well as the giraffes.

“We zebras have really powerful night vision. Almost as powerful as owls’. We can keep a watch for you at night. But would you mind if we zebras stay near your herd so that your long necks can help us too? We can run when we would see you run. And when thousands of zebras run together, the flow of black and white stripes creates a very confusing image. This would puzzle our enemies for a while.”

“That makes a deal!” the giraffes jumped with joy.

From that day, the giraffes and zebras stay close together. They graze together, drink water together and stroll together in the grasslands.

The giraffes would keep a watch on the attackers with the help of their long necks and tall body. If they spot danger, they would alert the zebras and all of them would run out of the reach of their enemies.

While the zebras with their sharp night vision would guard the place at night.

“We aren’t as helpless as we thought. God has given all of us our strengths. And our strength is in being together,” said Longie and Stripes.

Danger, danger, danger

Lurking behind that bush

Staring with two shiny eyes,

Ready to jump with a swoosh


Scared, scared are you?

Trembling head to feet,

He is strong but just one

And you seem to have a fleet!

Just blow a whistle,

Or wink and wave

Call up your friends

Stop trembling and be brave!



You’ll see he’ll disappear,

The way he came

That is how unity,

Puts danger to shame. 

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The Tale of a Tail

Once upon a storytime, there lived two best friends. Both of them had many things in common.

One was as cute as the other, as naughty as the other and as clever as the other.

Both had two big eyes, one big smile, and a big appetite
for cakes and bananas.

But they were different in one thing. One had a long tail. The other did not.


Because one was a monkey and the other was a human baby.

They played together, ate together and slept together. When mom called they raced to home together. But the monkey always won. Because he could so easily jump from one tree to the other. He hung by his tail from the tree and swung to and fro. The baby watched. He was fascinated by the monkey’s tail.

monkey on tree

But the monkey wished he didn’t have this ugly, rope like thing sticking out of his bum. Kids teased him. As he slept, they pulled his tail and ran away. Once they tied some fireworks on his tail. That was the worst day of his life. Oh. What a horror!
One day, the baby said to the monkey.

“I wish I had a tail like you. I could swing from trees, hang upside down without falling. It would have been so much fun.”

“Huh! You want a tail. Oh. You have no idea, what a burden it is. I wish I could get rid of it, somehow.” The monkey whined.

“Hey, what are you saying? You don’t like your tail? It’s the most amazing part of your body!”

“Yeah right. Why don’t you spend a day with a tail sticking out of your bum? And I stay free?”

The monkey was kidding at that time. But after a while, they actually decided to swap the tail!

So now the monkey is tail-less. And the baby has a long tail.

tailless monkeytail wala baby

A day passed. Both of them had real fun. The baby played on trees and monkey slept without any disturbance.

After 3 days, they both met each other. But they were not happy!

“You were right. This is a terrible thing. I can’t sleep on my back. It hurts. It is so hard to manage it. As I walk, it knocks down ten things. Mom said if I don’t behave, she would roll my tail and make a bun the way she does with her hair.  And I am tired of playing on trees.” complained the baby.


“Actually, I think you were right. My tail is the most amazing part of my body. Without my tail, I am no longer a monkey. The other day I was hopping from tree to tree. And I slipped. If I had my tail, I could have hung to the tree. I fell and broke my crown. I miss it so much.”

So the two friends swapped the tail once again. And this time, both of them were very happy being what they are and having what they have.


It’s a tale of a tail,

That could never go stale

And you could tell it to generations

Of kids male or female

Tell that kid in nappy

Who doesn’t seem happy

Thinks that eight-legged spider

Is the one he wishes to copy

Or envies the giraffe with a long-neck 

Or the elephant overturning a truck

  Or the birds on the mango tree

   With all the rights to pluck

                                              But never prides the hands

                                               Or the legs on which he stands

                                                  And never thanks the almighty 

                                                  For the brain with which he plans

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