Namby-Pamby and the tale of two cities

Long ago, there was a city called Lilyliver. The king of Lilyliver, Worrywart, had two sons, Namby and Pamby.

Namby and Pamby were just like their names, weak and lazy. They never ate greens that the royal cooks prepared. They never liked fruits and vegetables. The king tried many cooks. But no one was able to make them eat those greens.


Namby loved burgers. You would always find him munching on his burger watching TV. And Pamby’s favorite was Pizza, dripping with cheese.


They never went for their archery training; never cared to wake up early and do some yoga to stay fit. They started enjoying horse-riding though, but the horse hated them. They were so heavy! So one day, it just threw them off its back. And that was the last horse-riding session they had. Both of them loved watching TV and the TV loved them back. They spent the whole day munching on something greasy and watching cartoons. There was always something on TV that kept them glued.

King Worrywart was worried. Because Namby-Pamby were growing weaker by the day. They were not ready to put a strong fight with the enemies.

“What if there is an enemy attack? I am growing older and older, and these two boys are growing fatter and fatter,” thought Worrywart.

Tattle, the minister of Lilyliver, was very unfaithful. He went to the neighboring city, Wickedshire and told the king all about the bad state-of-affairs of Lilyliver.

“The king is old. The princes are good for nothing. You can plan an attack anytime, Sir,” said the minister.

So the king planned to attack Lilyliver after 5 days.

Now, there was an unfaithful minister in Wickedshire too. He was called Prattle. Prattle immediately went to Lilyliver and told the king everything about the attack that was to happen in 5 days.

Now the king started panicking. What to do now? We will be ruined!

He looked at his sons, Namby and Pamby. They had slept on the couch watching TV till midnight.

The king had no hopes from them.

Just then the queen came in and suggested that they visit Solon Longbeard, a very learned and wise sage who meditated on a bed of thorns somewhere outside the country.

The king, queen and the two princes visited Solon Longbeard and asked him if there was anyone who could fight to save Lilyliver from the attack.


“Don’t lean on unknown pillars. Those who can solve your problem are your owns,” said the sage in a deep voice.

The king understood that he will have to send his sons to the battleground.

“But how? Please tell me how can I make my sons fit enough to fight and win?” asked the worried king.

The sage looked at the plump princes and said, “Getting up at 5 a.m. and walking 5 miles should be their routine for the next 5 days. 5 green vegetables, boiled and ground to paste, should be the only meal they get for the next 5 days.”

The princes were taken aback. Even thinking about boiled, ground veggies made them want to vomit. And getting up at 5 a.m. was out of question!

But did they have any choice?

The king and queen dragged them out of the bed at 5 am. And they ran 5 miles. When they came back they were served the meal of boiled and pureed veggies.

“No one on earth can eat this,” declared Namby.

“But you will,” said the queen, strictly.

And so they ate, trying not to taste what they were eating.

It tasted disgusting. But surprisingly, they felt quite full of energy and strength. This continued for the next 5 days. 3 meals of green veggies and 5 miles walk everyday did wonders to their health. The princes were quite active. And did I mention, they had not watched TV in these 5 days?

The princes were trained in archery and swordsmanship. They started horse-riding again. With bearable weight on its back, the horse didn’t throw them away this time.

Now on the sixth day, the kingdom of Lilyliver was attacked by Wickedshire. But they were in for a surprise! The princes fought bravely and drove the army away!

The king of Wickedshire was aghast!

“You said the princes ate burgers and pizzas, and that had made them weak,” the king accused the minister of Lilyliver, Tattle.

“Y..yes, Sir. I saw them eating burgers and pizzas all the time,” said the terrified Tattle.

“This means, these things make you strong and active, not weak and lazy. I order, from now on, everyone in my kingdom will only eat pizzas and burgers. We need to prepare ourselves for the next attack on Lilyliver,” declared the dumb king of Wickedshire.

So the entire city of Wickedshire ate only pizzas and burgers thinking it will make them stronger.

But you know what? After one month, there was an attack by Lilyliver on Wickedshire. They had grown even stronger as they had been eating greens and training all through the month. The burger-eating Wickedshire lost the battle. Lilyliver, fed on greens won not just this but every battle, henceforth.

So kids, don’t be all that Namby-Pamby; ask mom to make some delicious greens for you, tonight.




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