A Lonely Diwali

Vishu tore open his Diwali gift.

It was a carromboard.

But Vishu wasn’t as happy as a kid who gets his Diwali gift should be.

“Who will I play it with?” muttered the dejected Vishu.

It wasn’t Vishu’s day from the very start. He had finally mustered some courage to talk to Ryan and his friends who stayed in the next building.

“Can I be a part of your gang? You guys are cool” Vishu had said hopefully.

“O yes we are. And to be a part of our gang you need to be equally cool. Unfortunately, we don’t think the same about you” said Ryan suppressing a giggle.

Vishu lived with his mom and dad. Earlier he didn’t need anyone if both of them were around.

But ever since he had seen his neighbour Keenu and his cousins playing together, he hoped he had kids of his age to play with.

In the evening, mom, dad and Vishu sat for the Diwali puja at home. They offered the sweets that mom had made to Lord Ganesha and Goddesss Lakshmi. Vishu had asked for some of his favourite Gulab Jamuns, to which mom said “not before Ganeshji and Lakshmi Ma tastes them, Vishu. Just wait for a while.”

All three of them sang the Ganesh Aarti. Mom also told the story of Ganeshji and his brother Kartikey.

After the Puja, all three of them closed their eyes for a little chat with the God.


Vishu thought it was now or never. So he closed his eyes and urged Ganesha,“Ganeshji, I have the most wonderful mom and the greatest dad in the world, just like you have. But I very badly need a friend. A friend for life.”

A week later, mom called Vishu, gave him a hug, kissed him and gave the best news he had ever heard.

“You are soon going to be big brother, Vishu.”

Vishu had never had a lonely Diwali ever again.

It’s so good to be two

It’s so good to be with you

You are as precious as my new cricket set

And as beautiful as morning dew.


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