The Tale of a Tail

Once upon a storytime, there lived two best friends. Both of them had many things in common.

One was as cute as the other, as naughty as the other and as clever as the other.

Both had two big eyes, one big smile, and a big appetite
for cakes and bananas.

But they were different in one thing. One had a long tail. The other did not.


Because one was a monkey and the other was a human baby.

They played together, ate together and slept together. When mom called they raced to home together. But the monkey always won. Because he could so easily jump from one tree to the other. He hung by his tail from the tree and swung to and fro. The baby watched. He was fascinated by the monkey’s tail.

monkey on tree

But the monkey wished he didn’t have this ugly, rope like thing sticking out of his bum. Kids teased him. As he slept, they pulled his tail and ran away. Once they tied some fireworks on his tail. That was the worst day of his life. Oh. What a horror!
One day, the baby said to the monkey.

“I wish I had a tail like you. I could swing from trees, hang upside down without falling. It would have been so much fun.”

“Huh! You want a tail. Oh. You have no idea, what a burden it is. I wish I could get rid of it, somehow.” The monkey whined.

“Hey, what are you saying? You don’t like your tail? It’s the most amazing part of your body!”

“Yeah right. Why don’t you spend a day with a tail sticking out of your bum? And I stay free?”

The monkey was kidding at that time. But after a while, they actually decided to swap the tail!

So now the monkey is tail-less. And the baby has a long tail.

tailless monkeytail wala baby

A day passed. Both of them had real fun. The baby played on trees and monkey slept without any disturbance.

After 3 days, they both met each other. But they were not happy!

“You were right. This is a terrible thing. I can’t sleep on my back. It hurts. It is so hard to manage it. As I walk, it knocks down ten things. Mom said if I don’t behave, she would roll my tail and make a bun the way she does with her hair.  And I am tired of playing on trees.” complained the baby.


“Actually, I think you were right. My tail is the most amazing part of my body. Without my tail, I am no longer a monkey. The other day I was hopping from tree to tree. And I slipped. If I had my tail, I could have hung to the tree. I fell and broke my crown. I miss it so much.”

So the two friends swapped the tail once again. And this time, both of them were very happy being what they are and having what they have.


It’s a tale of a tail,

That could never go stale

And you could tell it to generations

Of kids male or female

Tell that kid in nappy

Who doesn’t seem happy

Thinks that eight-legged spider

Is the one he wishes to copy

Or envies the giraffe with a long-neck 

Or the elephant overturning a truck

  Or the birds on the mango tree

   With all the rights to pluck

                                              But never prides the hands

                                               Or the legs on which he stands

                                                  And never thanks the almighty 

                                                  For the brain with which he plans

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5 thoughts on “The Tale of a Tail

  1. Salvatore says:

    I absolutely love your stories! I generally write more adult oriented fiction, but these stories are wonderful. I will be suggesting them to my nieces and nephews. Keep writing these enjoyable fabels.

    • You made my day! I am happiest when these stories reach the ones they are made for- kids. Pls do tell them to kids you come across and parents who might be interested in telling their kids bed-time stories. 🙂 Looking forward to read your fiction.

  2. Himani says:

    wow. this is so interesting and so real to tell it to kids, unlike the other old-school mral stories. love it Priya.

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