SAFE or DANGER? (Age 3 onwards)

Rohan and Roohani were waiting eagerly for their mother to get back home. Evening lessons with mom were always fun.

“Mom said she’s gonna teach us about something called ‘Dungeon’” said, 3 year old Roohani.

“No dumb. It was about something called ‘Stranger’” said Rohan, elder among the two.

Just then the door bell rang.

Mom has come back home!

“Good evening my hero. Hello my princess. How are you two?” mom gave a loving hug to the kids. She had been equally eager to get back home to kids.

“Mom, Roohani is so stupid. She said you were going to talk about ‘dungeon’ today. Ha-Ha-Ha. I told her it’s not ‘Dungeon’. It’s something called ‘Stranger’. Isn’t it?”

Mom smiled.

“Good guesses. I am so pleased to see that you are so interested in our evening lessons. Today we are going to talk about something called ‘Danger’.

Say it with me D-A-N-G-E-R.

The kids spelled the letters in chorus.

Then mom started explaining. She took out a huge poster from her bag. It had a familiar sign.


Mom: Have you seen this sign anywhere?

Rohan was the first to reply.

Rohan : Yes mom, I saw it on the huge box under the lamp post across the road. And I also think I have seen it on the bottle that’s kept high above the shelf in the bathroom.

Mom : Very good, Rohan. You are so observant! That must be the electric transformer. And this sign is also on the acid bottle in our bathroom.

Roohani looked a little nervous.

Roohani: Mom isn’t it scary?

Mom: It is, my love. And it is meant to scare people. Warn them. Tell them to KEEP AWAY.  Because it is the sign of D-A-N-G-E-R. I’ll tell you what that means. What happens when you play with fire?

Roohani: We get burns. And it hurts.

Mom: So that’s a dangerous thing to do. Playing with fire is an example of D-A-N-G-E-R. Tell me what happens when you try to switch off the lights and fans with wet hands?

No one answered.

Mom: You get the shock! That’s again another kind of D-A-N-G-E-R. What happens when you try to cross a road when the lights are green? You can get hit by a vehicle. D-A-N-G-E-R again!

Rohan: I got it! Anything that can hurt you is D-A-N-G-E-R.

Mom: Right. So this sign warns you of things that can bring D-A-N-G-E-R to you. And we can keep danger away only by being careful.

Now let us play a game. I will tell you few things. And you will tell me, if it’s SAFE or DANGER? Ready?

Kids: Yesss, mom.

Mom: You are playing in a park. Safe or Danger?


Mom: Good. You are crossing the road holding mom’s hands. Safe or Danger?


Mom: Hmm.. You are playing with a knife and a scissor. Safe or Danger?


Mom: Ha ha. Isn’t this game fun! Okay. You are playing with your friend’s pet dog. Safe or Danger?


Kids: Hmm…Safe?

Mom: Yes. We can say that. But what if, you throw a stone at him or kick him for fun?


Mom: Excellent. Again. You are bitten by a dog and you come home and don’t tell your parents about it.

Kids: Hmm..

Mom: Danger. You should always be careful with animals and in case you are bitten by one, you should, at once, tell me or your dad.

Kids: Yess, mom.

Roohani: More, more. We want to play more.

Mom: Sure. You are coming back from school. You are tired and want to get back home quickly. Just then a man in a car came to you and asked you – Hey kid, are you tired? Come let me drop you home. Safe or Danger?”


Rohan: We should never talk to strangers.   

Mom: Lovely. You are sleeping and some thieves sneak in. They try to open your cupboard and take all the money. Safe or Danger?


Mom: May I ask why?

Rohan: Because the money is ours. How can anyone touch our cupboard without our permission?

Mom: Very right. You should never let anyone touch a thing that belongs to you without your permission.

Now do you know all your body parts? Can you name them?

Kids: Yess, mom.

And the kids named their body parts one by one.

Mom: Wow. I have two very intelligent kids, I must say. Do you know that some of these body parts are your private parts? Places where you should never let anyone touch you. And if someone touches them, it’s DANGERRRR. What are these parts?

The kids didn’t answer. But they were listening with rapt attention.

Mom: There three private parts in our body.

One, Two, Three

Listen to me,

The parts of your body,

No one should touch or see


One, Two, Three,

No one is free

To touch something

That is yours, you see?


One Two Three

Just say No and flee,

When touched by strangers

On your chest, bum or from where you pee

Roohani started giggling. Rohan was amused too.

Mom smiled and continued.

Mom: So who will tell me, what are the three private parts we have? One?

Roohani: Chest

Mom: Two?

Rohan: Bum

Mom: Three?

Kids: From where we pee.

Mom: Cool! So what if an uncle or aunty touches you on your private parts?

Kids smirked. But didn’t answer.

Mom: You would say loudly, “NOOO. Don’t touch me there” and run. As fast as you can.

Kids: And come to you?

Mom: Yes. Run and go to your parents, teachers or any safe adult who is there. Again, what if the stranger touches you and scares you, “If you will tell anyone about this, I will kill you or your parents.”

Kids looked scared.

Mom: If anyone says so, you will be strong kids and still come home and tell your parents. Mom and dad will have the police take him to jail. Okay?

The kids laughed.

Mom: Let’s play the game again. An uncle who is your dad’s friend and has given you chocolate once asks you to come with him. Safe or Danger?

Kids: Are you talking about Ryan uncle? He is a nice uncle.

Mom: Ryan uncle or Suresh uncle or Sakshi aunty. If anyone asks you to go with him, without mom’s or dad’s permission, it’s DANGERRRR. You must tell him, “Uncle, I will come afterwards with my Mom-dad.”

Kids: Yes, mom.

Mom: What if a man in your school tries to touch your private parts when no one’s around? Safe or Danger?


Mom: Great. I have much smarter kids now. When something happens that may hurt you, remember the Danger sign and Stay Away. Be careful, be safe.

Mom with kids

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