Happiness got crowned! (age 5 to 10)

Once upon a storytime, the onions used to be round. Perfectly round. Round like perfect spheres. Like balls. Like globes. Like oranges. You got it?

I mean, there were no pointed crowns on them like the onions these days have.

Onion these days (with pointed crowns)

Among the round onions, there was an onion called ‘Happy’. Happy was a happy onion.

The onion called 'Happy'

He loved to laugh, smile and have fun. And most of all, he always wanted to be surrounded by happy faces.

But alas! He had always seen people cry while cutting onions!

He hated that!

“Why do we make people cry?” said he, in front of the whole onion society.

He decided to do something to clear the reputation of onions. He researched on the good things that onions come loaded with.

He read a lot of books. Talked to a number of scholars, doctors and knowledgeable people.


The scholars praised the onions for coming with so many benefits.

Happy was pleasantly surprised at the benefits of onions. They were so many!!

But the scholars told Happy that onions come with something called Sulphur. And that makes eyes itch and water.

“That means I can do nothing about it?” Happy became sad.


He had to accept that onions are bad for a happy, smiling face.

“Wait a minute, Happy. You do make eyes water, but that doesn’t mean you are bad for us! Watering of eyes actually cleans them, washing out dust, dirt and other particles. So, when people cry while cutting onions, it’s actually good for them.”

Happy jumped with delight!

“We make food taste better. We are full of Vitamin C and Flavonoids. We make healthy soups and stews. We also help maintain healthy bones. We give them so many reasons to smile. I don’t think anyone would mind watery eyes for a while, when even that is going to do good!” said Happy happily.

Onion delighted (2)

The scholars were impressed with Happy’s effort to get a good name for the onion community.

“You acted like a true leader, Happy. Very good.”

“You always try to keep everyone smiling, like a clown. So, here you go.”

They crowned him with a little peak on his head.

onion crowned (2)

Interestingly, the crown looked like a clown’s cap!

Since then, the descendants of Happy were born proud and smiling with a clown’s crown on their heads.

I saw a pretty lass

Bullied by a crass

I found her in tears

God knows in what fears

I felt bad, I felt sad,

Still managed to smile a tad,

Then I smiled a little more

To make her feel better, to make her feel secure

I wish I could make her laugh

If only she wasn’t so put off

I could tell her some jokes

Of those funny foolish folks

But I still gave a try

Started by offering an egg fry

To my surprise, my efforts paid off

What followed were a smile and a laugh

Of course I made someone feel good

Did something that everyone should

But it was actually me who had found

A friend so wise, so sound

She was happy, so was I

That’s how happiness takes you high

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