I am a big boy! (Age 2 to 5)

“Kittu, you must write with a pencil, not a pen. Learn to write with a pencil first. I’ll give you a nice pen when you will be a big boy.” Said mom as Kittu scribbled with a pen on his notepad.

This annoyed Kittu.

“But mom, I am a big boy already.”

“You are a growing boy. You are slowly getting big. But there’s still way to go” said mom lovingly.

Kittu had always wanted to be as big as his Papa.  He wanted to open the bolt of the door as easily as big people do. He wished he could ride a bike or a car like them. He wanted to work on a laptop, use a mobile phone and go to office like big, grown up people.

He hated when anyone called him a ‘small boy’. Mom used to call him ‘baby’, ‘chotu’ etc. but she now knows that Kittu doesn’t like being called that way. That’s why, she now calls him a ‘growing boy’.

Though Kittu always wanted to be big boy, he never did things himself. He never woke up to school by himself, never brushed his teeth himself and never ate his meals with his own hands. He always wanted his mother to do all these things for him.

One day, Kittu came home and found his mother in bed.

Mom never sleeps at this hour.

Kittu went to her to ask what the matter was. He touched his mother’s forehead.

Mom’s running high fever! Her forehead is as hot as a glass of hot milk!

Kittu didn’t want to wake her up. But he was hungry.

What to do now?

Kittu went to the kitchen and found rice and his favorite tomato curry in separate bowls. He picked them up one by one and kept them properly on the floor. He then spread a mat on the floor, picked up a spoon and started eating.

As he dropped few drops of curry on himself, he recalled that mom used to tie a handkerchief around his neck. He did the same and finished his meal.

He kept the bowls back in the kitchen, changed and snuggled beside his mom for a short afternoon nap.

In the afternoon, he told his friends that he would be staying at home to take care of his mom.

At night, dinner was served by father.

Every night, Kittu’s mother used to read out a story to him to put him to sleep. But today, he would have to sleep all by himself.

Kittu hugged his mom and fell asleep quickly.

Father woke Kittu up in the morning. He recalled that his mom is not well and found her sleeping next to him.

What if, I skip my school today?

But he suddenly remembered, ma’am is going to take us to the garden and show us how to plant a tree. I must go to school today!

So he got up, brushed his teeth all by himself. Father had made cheese omelette for him which he quickly gobbled up, dressed up, put on his shoes and got ready.

Father dropped him to school today.

He had a bright, beautiful day at school.

When he came back home, he found his mom sitting up and smiling.

“Mom, you’re okay? Has the fever gone?” Kittu screamed in delight.

“Yes my love. It is because of my big, wise boy that I got enough rest and I am well now. I saw you doing everything by yourself! Who taught you all that?”

Kittu blushed. He too, was pleased with himself. It was fun being a big boy.

I wish I could reach for the clouds

Or atleast that door latch

And be so big and tall

That only grown-ups can match


If you think we can be friends

Think twice, or thrice maybe,

Because I get cross at once

If you dare call me ‘baby’


Why don’t you let me,

touch that phone or that laptop?

I own a pack of Ben 10 cards,

Do you wish to swap?


I know you are bigger than me

But I am fast catching up,

Let me first gulp down that milk

In my favorite ‘big boy’ cup.


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2 thoughts on “I am a big boy! (Age 2 to 5)

  1. Richa Vani says:

    Mommy nice story yar 🙂

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