New Year Resolutions (Age 5 and above)

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Suraj was struggling with a diary and a pen in his hands. It’s been 15 days since the start of the New Year and he still hasn’t jotted down his resolutions!

‘Avni says she has a list of 5 resolutions already! And Riona has 12 of them. One for each month! Prajwal is also boasting of his long list of resolutions in the class. I am the only one with none” muttered Suraj as his mother entered the room.


“So you are at it all over again? Hmm. Can I see or is it going to be a secret like the past years?” said mom.

“Mom, the year has long started and I still don’t have my list of resolutions. I will have to make a list of things I will do this year and I will make sure mine is the longest in the class.”

Mom smiled. Actually, it was something between a smile and a laugh.

“My dear son, do you remember resolutions you had last year? Would you like to share that with me?”

Suraj hesitated. After all, it was an unsaid rule. You must not disclose your resolutions to anyone, especially to your parents. And with friends too, it’s the number that matters. All that matters to Suraj right now, is to beat Prajwal’s number. 15 resolutions, already! Whoa!

But then if it’s about the past year, there’ no harm sharing that with mom.

“I had a list of 8 resolutions last year. I don’t remember all of them, but some of them were- to have a huge collection of batman stickers, to learn to fly kites, to catch Santa red-handed while he tries to slip my gift under the Christmas tree… hmm.. that’s all I can remember.

“Okay. Interesting, I must say. And how many of them were you able to accomplish by the end of the year?”

“Hmm.. I had collected around 6 stickers in the first month itself. I took them to school to show them to my friends.  And that day they got stolen!!”

“Oh. I am sorry. Then?” inquired mom.

“Then I kinda.. lost interest.” Said Suraj. He then hastily explained. “It wasn’t easy to start from scratch in this age of competition, you know. Everybody’s looking for them and my chances of getting my hands on them were very bleak. Trust me, mom.”

“O yes, dear. I do. So tell me about the year prior to that. What did you resolved to do then?”

“Oh, hasn’t it been too long? I don’t remember most of them. I guess, I wanted to have a makeover for my room, with a basket fitted on the wall for my basketball practice, and I wanted to write good stories everyday.”

“And no basketball net or a room makeover thing happened that year, or even two year hence.” Mom asked inquisitively.

“You know what mom. I just completely forgot talking to you or dad about the room renovation. That’s what too much of homework does to you.” Complained Suraj

“Yeah. I understand. But I am really curious to read your stories, honey. Won’t you let me read some of those?”

“Mom, I could write not more than two stories. But I don’t remember where kept the notepad.” Said Suraj trying to remember.

“Hmm. I see. So that means, none of the resolutions made so far were accomplished” said mom pensively.

Mom stood up and faced Suraj. Suraj knew immediately that mom’s going to take things in her hands now.

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Mom started, “Listen son. Taking resolutions is not a game you can play. It is not the newly bought PS3 game you can boast among your friends. Resolutions are the promises you make to yourself, in order to make yourself a better person.”

Suraj listened. He had known the definition of resolutions, but perhaps he had forgotten it.

Mom continued. “There are few ruled to resolutions. I am sure you would like to learn them first and share them with your friends. It’s a list too. So I guess, tomorrow you are going to take a list to school anyways.”

  • It was never about numbers- make resolutions that would help you be a better person in a span of 12 months. Learn new things, take up new hobbies, pleasantly surprise the people you love, acquire new skills… resolutions should be about these things and the like. Not about ‘how many’ you made and forgot the very next day!


  • Don’t be in a rush to take resolutions. Before making that ‘list’, take your time to think. You can have as less as just ‘one’ resolution that is interesting and worthwhile enough for you to carry on for the entire year. So never mind if it has been 15 days already. Think before you list down your promises to yourself.

  • Before making a new list, check if you have fulfilled the ones made the year that went by. If you haven’t, you should consider carrying the same down for another year.

  • One should never overpromise to oneself. Take small strides at a time. Make resolutions that are doable

  • Never compare yourself with others. You should feel the rivalry in the fact that your friend is able to carry on his resolution longer than you could. But you should never push yourself for something just because someone else does it.

  • Last but not the least, resolutions should also be about things you would ‘not’ do in an year. So, how about chucking out some bad habits this year?

Suraj was glad he shared his problem with mom. All this while, he had been getting it all wrong!

Little Boy Clip Art

So, the next day Suraj went to school with his own set of resolutions. Actually, a pair.

a)      To do: Learn something new every day. Special emphasis on – story writing and kite flying

b)      Not to do: Lose interest in things mid-way and leave things incomplete.

bye                 I promise to be nicer,

I promise to behave,

As I bid the year adieu

With a kiss and a wave.


I am sorry for some things I did

And for some things left undone

Like sticking bubblegums under the table

And ignoring homework weighing a ton.


I won’t spend my study time

Staring at the pages or snoring

And think that copying answers in exams

is the real act of sharing.


Dear New Year, welcome

Tell me, how do you do?

I have a list of resolutions

As a New Year gift for you.

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