The beautiful word called ‘Thanks’ (Age 5 and above)

Ruby was tired. She had a long day at school. The maths teacher took a surprise test today. Mrs Thomas, her English teacher wanted students to read the first page of the newspaper and jot down words that they thought were difficult and look them up in the dictionary. Ruby was surprised there can be so many difficult words in a single page! Do these newspaper makers want that only kids’ fathers can read them?

After all that she had to go to her Abacus class. More maths!

As she walked towards her home dreaming of the afternoon snack that must be waiting for her, she saw a little girl looking into a mud pit crying. She looked really miserable. Ruby went to her. But before she could ask what the matter was, she saw a puppy whimpering inside the pit. It was trying really hard to come out of the pit.

The clouds were gradually turning from white to dark blue to black-ish blue. It was about to rain!

If it rains, the pit is going to fill with water and the puppy…!

Ruby thought about her mom scolding her if she would get into this messy muddy mould. Her school uniform would be spoiled.

I’ll say sorry to Ma! How can I let this poor little thing die?

Ruby slightly lowered herself into the pit and pulled the puppy out easily.

The frightened creature vigorously licked her and curled itself into her arms. The girl threw herself on Ruby and hugged her tight.

“Thank you, so much Didi! You are an angel.”

She was all smiles.

While walking towards home again, Ruby felt an unusual pleasure. She was glad she could save a life and bring smile on someone’s face.

What a beautiful word it is – ‘thanks’. Hey, it is not a difficult word, but it seems I have learned the meaning just now!

On her way, she met the sweeper, who was there in the morning when she was leaving for school. Ruby saw he was continuously sweeping the road even if the very next moment it got soiled. He looked tired and disheartened.

Ruby went upto him and said, ‘Sweeper uncle, you keep the roads clean for us. It must be too much labor for you, isn’t it? I just wanted to say, Thank You.”

The sweeper was clearly elated. And said, ‘Thank you dear. Atleast you realize and acknowledge our labor. God bless you.’

Ruby was over the moon now. All her tiredness vanished. She thanked the grocer, the shopkeeper and the tailor on her way and made their day.

As she reached home, she saw her favorite Pineapple custard waiting for her on the table. It was heavenly delicious!

She went to her mom, gave her a tight hug and whispered, ‘Thank you mom for being my mom’ in her ears. She had never done that before, so she found doing that a bit embarrassing. Her cheeks turned light crimson. Mom was pleasantly surprised too. She kissed her and whispered back, ‘Thank you for being my little princess.’

Indeed, what a beautiful word it is – ‘Thank You

Through my window enters

The sun in a streak,

And brightens my world

That might have turned bleak!


And talk about the moon,

In its soft pearly glow

In those boring sleepless nights

He’s best companion I know


Oh, how lucky I am

and so are you,

Let’s make God’s day,

With that beautiful word- ‘Thank You’


Thank your mamma,

Though you can never thank enough

Thank your daddy,

For being strong and tough


Thank your teachers

For each day’s lesson

For those stern eyes,

And the hidden compassion


Thank your life

For the days fun and sad,

Celebrate every moment

That’s not that bad.


Oh, how lucky I am

and so are you,

Let’s make God’s day,

With that beautiful word- ‘Thank You’

Thank You all for listening to TheStoryTellingMom. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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