And the award goes to..

Oh My Godd!!!

I feel like getting all teary-eyed and screaming like those beauty queens who manage to get the crown.

TheStoryTellingMom is just 7 posts old and it’s already nominated for an award!

Javed from Javed’s Art was kind enough to nominate TheStoryTellingMom for the LiebsterAward. It was wonderful getting to know an artist as skillful as Javed. His work is no less than a treat to the eyes.

The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  What is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster means adorable or favorite in Deutsche (German). So you can call this award ‘Favorite Blogger award’.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and telthem.
5. No tag backs!

So I am going to do each of these one-by-one, now.

11 things about TheStoryTellingMom

1. I am a mom.

2. I love telling stories.

3. I believe in living a life that if does no good to others, does no bad either.

4. I dream of coming up with a cute book of stories for kids.

5. I love all things green (except those getting ‘green with envy’). I am a vegetarian and dislike killing for a reason as petty as ‘taste-buds

6. I also dream of travelling all over the world on shoestring and making numerous friends before I die.

7. I love cheese. I wish I could study and collect cheese from every country during my world tour.

8. Unlike every other woman of my age, I hate jewellery.

9. If left on an island alone and allowed lifetime supply of just one thing, I would choose books.

10. I am a die-hard Harry Potter fan and I worship J.K. Rowling.

11. I believe in God. But I am against every religion.

Now time for the test. My answers to Javed’s questions.

1. Your favourite scientist?

Thomas Alva Edison. (Can’t imagine a life without lights!)

2. Your favourite artist?

Javed from Javed’s Art (A little bit flattering always helps 😉

3. Your favourite books?

Harry Potter Series, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Noddy Series, Nancy Drew Series, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Kite Runner, Angels and Demons, …(How many am I allowed?)

4. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, through what is the way to a woman’s heart?

Amm.. The funny bone. (Sense of Humor, I mean)

5. If you could live as long as you wanted, how long would you like to live and why?

With love and nice stories all around, I wish to be immortal. Without them, kill me now.

6. What is better, sleep or sex?

Ahem. I am early to sleep and late to rise. Love sleeping a lot. I don’t know what that other thing means? (It’s a children’s blog)

7. What is your favourite part of your body and why?

My fingers. They help me write(or type) for a living and leisure.

8. If you had to name 3 bad things about you, they would be?

a. Forgetfulness. I dread to reach the stage, when I may keep my teeth somewhere and forget.

b. Unorganized. Too much spontaneity may prove bad sometimes.

c. Jack of All Trades, Master of None. I am yet to discover my forte.

9. Name 3 good things about you.

Forgiving. I can’t handle hatred for long. So, I kiss and make up soon.

Selfless. I don’t think in terms of me, mine, myself.

Creative. I keep my brain on its toes. It keeps on cooking stories every minute.

10. If you could do anything in the world, what profession would you choose and why?

I would take up the job of a nanny or a granny. And tell stories to kids. What say?

11. How far can a dog run into the woods and why? (It’s a trick question so think carefully before answering!)

He can run into the woods till he runs out of breath.


Now it’s my turn. Here are the questions.

1. Name a fictional character you would want to be re-born as.

2. Name one negative character you have fallen in love with. Can be in books/ movies /anywhere.

3. Name a book/movie that has shaped/symbolize your childhood.

4. Name a song that can be given the title of ‘Childhood Anthem’.

5. One good thing you would want your kids to learn from you.

6. One bad thing you would never want your kids to inherit from you.

7. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, what would be the way to a child’s heart?

8.  One bad habit you are struggling to overcome.

9. If you are stranded alone in an island and offered lifetime supply of one thing (except food) what would it be?

10. You are leaving the world and on your way to heaven,  you meet those who are going to be born into the world. What one advice about the world/ life would you give them?

11. Make a wish

Here are the list of bloggers I would like to nominate.

All the best, people! I am sure this endeavor would help you get acknowledged for your art. Don’t forget to leave a message to those you nominate.

Have fun!

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5 thoughts on “And the award goes to..

  1. jav3d says:

    Thank You for Your kind words about me and my art (your flatter worked 😀 )

    I’m rather impressed that you took the time to find out more about the Leibster Award, 10 points for that!

    Interesting facts, I can particularly relate to 1, 2 and 11 except that I’m not a mom but a dad : )

    Very cool replies too! My favourites would have to be 4 and 5. Regarding 11 you were quite close. The trick term was “into” and the answer is “halfway” because after “halfway” the dog would be running “out of” the woods, although actually I like your answer too : )

    Very well thought out questions, would be very interesting to read replies by your nominees.

    Now off to read some stroies : )

    • Hey great to know you liked them. You know what? I had Googled the trick question and found the answer to it. But resorted to give a different answer. Even i am waiting for the replies from my nominees. Cheers!

  2. Eve Amaro says:

    Thank you again for the nominating me for the Liebster Award. Here is the link to my post. 🙂

  3. Jan Rivera says:

    Thank you for appreciating my work! 🙂

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