The Mighty Masterpiece (Age 2 to 6)

I am talking of the time when flowers did not have any color. They were all white. It was hard to tell a rose from a marigold. People could recognize a flower only by its smell.

Would you imagine, flowers were not called ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty’ at that time! People did not find having gardens in their homes interesting! Flowers grew on their own with the help of rain and sunlight.

Flowers were not used in Pujas! Girls never decorated their hair with flower strings. Isn’t that horrible?

One day, God was in a mood to paint!

So He asked the rainbow, if it would mind lending a few colors. Rainbow was delighted and honored. He readily offered his palette to God.

Now what to paint?

God thought that His favorite canvas has always been the little earth and the elements He has created with care.

Thinking so, He started looking for something He could paint.

There it is.

At the foot of a hill, He spotted a natural garden with hundreds of flowers. It had just rained. So the flowers were feeling fresh and lively. They were smiling and dancing in the breeze. God noticed that the flowers are in fact very beautiful. They look very pretty when they are fresh and smiling.

But something was missing.

The colours.

Hurray. I found my canvas!

God went to the garden with his color-palette that had exactly 7 colors. But there were hundreds of flower types!

Now God had an idea!

He painted the Roses red and the Sunflowers yellow.

Then He mixed the two to make orange which He used to fill the Marigolds.

For Tulips He added few drops of white to red and made the pretty pink.

Water Lily was made purple by mixing blue and red together.

Suddenly, God saw that a bunch of small flowers were still in white. Which flowers were they?


Pretty and petite.

God thought that he should color Jasmine too because it might feel bad.

Alas! The colours are all finished! What to do now?

God looked at the Jasmine flowers. They looked so beautiful even in plain white color. He blessed the Jasmine with a unique, sweet fragrance.

Looking at the garden, God thought,

Hmm.. not bad.

This way the garden sang and danced in colors.

Who was that,

who made us glow,

gave us the beauty

to flaunt and show

We were nothing

But plain and dull,

Now it seems somebody

Has put a spell

Thank you Lord

For your paint and brush,

And the life and beauty

That makes us blush

Before this day,

We had nothing to please,

But you turned us into

a living masterpiece

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