The Story of Two Brothers

Once upon a time,
There were no days,
Nothing called time,
Nothing called dates.

No Calendars, No Clocks,
No Roosters, Hens or Cocks
What a life it was then,
I think people used to have fun.

But then were born 2 brothers
With names so unique
They broke into fights
Everytime they tried to speak

They were the famous
Today and Tomorrow,
Who brought to the world
All the sorrow.

Suddenly people started
Worrying a bit too much,
Leaving good things like,
Afternoon naps and evening munch

And oh, these brothers,
Never liked each other,
And fought uselessly,
On who among the two is elder

Tomorrow makes people
Dream about the future
Alas, Tomorrow never comes
Coz, ditching is in its nature.

Today, however, to remind everyone,
Comes back everyday,
And says, that while the sun is shining
You should make hay

Sadly, people think,
Its brother is better,
They don’t know, however,
It’s not gold, just the glitter.

But, hey kids, you know better,
I know, you are wise,
And Today is valuable,
In a wise man’s eyes.

So don’t waste your time,
Making castles in air,
Coz your dream slips away
With every second you spare

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One thought on “The Story of Two Brothers

  1. enniopuer says:

    Simple & Sweet. A true delight for every kid.

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