The Stammering Story-teller (Age 4 and above)


This is Raghu.

Raghu is a good boy.

He is good to mamma.

He is good to daddy.

He is good to teachers.

He is good at studies.

So can a good boy like Raghu have any problems?

Yes, he does. Everybody has problems. Just the way your mamma cooks food and sprinkles a bit of salt on it to make it interesting, God sprinkles some problems on everyone’s life to make it interesting.

Happy Happy life

And no problems at all

Makes it dull and boring,

You would have no choice

But to be happy

And spend days only snoring.

Isn’t it?

So, what was Raghu’s share of problems?

Poor Raghu used to stammer a lot.


“Mummy, may I have a cccccc-ccc-aakke?”

“Gg-good morning, Ddd-ddaddy.”

Kids teased him. Even his friends laughed behind him.

So, Raghu stopped speaking unnecessarily.

He would speak only when it was necessary.

No gossips. No chitchats. No jokes. Raghu became a quite boy.

Raghu loved reading stories and he loved telling those stories to others. He would read the story of the thirsty crow, the ugly duckling, the tooth fairy and snow-white.


Soon he started making his own stories!

He came up with the stories of the boy who grew up with the kangaroos and easily won the high jump race with humans, the girl who never laughed because she feared her teeth would fall off and the bee who tried to suck nectar from a lady’s hat with a flower bow.

He narrated the stories to Taplu, his pet dog. It would wag its tail and start panting happily when the storied became exciting.

One day, Raghu was narrating the story of the man who asked God that he should never grow old, and became sad thereafter because time froze for him and he didn’t have any birthdays to celebrate after that wish was granted!

At that time his mother happened to pass by and overheard the remarkable story. She was so impressed and proud of him that she went to his teacher the next day and told her about his skill.

The teacher promised to restore Raghu’s confidence.

Next day, the teacher announced a competition in the class.

“Next week, we will have a story telling competition in the class. The winner will get a surprise gift.”

Wow! A surprise gift! We all love surprises!


But soon the excitement died because no one was able to come up with a good story.

Some students re-told the classics like Peter-the-Piper, Cinderella, or the race between the rabbit and the tortoise.

Some students started off well but could not complete the stories.

Others just cut a sorry figure before the teacher. They couldn’t even utter a word!

It was Raghu’s turn. He had a very good story in his mind. But he was scared that he would stammer and the whole class would burst into laughter.

But the teacher promised that nobody would interrupt him, giggle or pass a smirk. The one who does that will be telling a story to the class everyday!

That was scary! So no one dared to move a muscle.

So Raghu started narrating the story of the day he overheard the vegetables talking in the kitchen!


Soon the class was absorbed. He narrated with gestures

“and then the pott-tta-tto said with pp-ppride-

I am the tt-ttastiest of all

Mash me or fry deep,

Crunchy Chips and yummy cutlets

I am delightful and ch-ch-cheap

Everyone in the class couldn’t help but listen to Raghu with rapt attention. When he stammered, students would wait eagerly for him to finish the word.

When the story came to an end, students clapped cheerfully.

The teacher planted a kiss on his cheek and without any words handed over the prize. It was wrapped beautifully.


Raghu unwrapped the gift and was delighted to see a pile of story books inside!

But that was not the only prize he got for his wonderful attempt. He had also earned the respect of his classmates and became one of the most popular child in the class.


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